Best Practices in HR

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5 Must Have Communication Features For A Successful Start-Up

Owning a business is never simple, especially during the start-up stage. From establishing a brand to staffing an office, a new business needs every advantage. Thankfully, increased business tools and technology have made accessing resources much easier for enterprising individuals. Our article today focuses on the different communication tools available to new organizations and which […]

What Is An Employee Social Network?

From the Gutenberg Press to the cloud, technology, when used correctly, has always had a way of advancing and improving the working world. And with the advent of employee social networks, technology has made its mark once again. While personal social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been dominating the internet for over […]

Building A Company Intranet

Most organizations understand that a modern company intranet is a serious business advantage. Successful intranets save companies time and hassle by centralizing resources, managing files, and simplifying collaboration. But wanting to implement an intranet and knowing how to make it happen aren’t exactly the same. In our newest article, we’ll outline the most important steps […]

Bridging The Gap In Customer Communication

Professional services handle customers from all kinds of areas and industries, most of whom have little first-hand experience with the specific service. Without personal knowledge of the process, customers depend on the experience and skill of the professional to offer guidance, advice, and support along the way. Working together, a customer’s vision and a professional’s […]

Improve Productivity With Weekly Status Updates

For successful businesses, status meetings often become a necessary evil. While almost everyone agrees that meetings waste valuable time and energy, it’s impossible to stay productive without also being informed. Thankfully, innovative team collaboration tools now allow companies to implement weekly status updates, making it easy to abandon time-consuming meetings without sacrificing the importance of […]

How To Assemble Fantastic Work Teams

Ineffective teams are the bane of our existence from almost the very beginning. Ask any student the worst part school and group projects are sure to top the list. And teamwork doesn’t go away once you graduate, whether you work in a traditional office or an on-the-go environment, teamwork is sure to surface at least […]

How To Get Honest Feedback From Employees

Employees interact with customers, understand internal processes, and have a truly unique perspective on how everything occurs. Honestly understanding employee feedback is a huge advantage to entrepreneurs, both in terms of company and product growth and individual employee happiness and satisfaction. But gaining genuine feedback can be difficult. Even if you ask for it, employees […]

5 Ways To Create The Best Onboarding Experience

In order for any business to grow, new reliable and successful employees have to be added. But shockingly, recent studies have shown that nearly one-third of new hires quit their job within the first 6 months! Retaining long term and effective employees is essential for every business, but how do you help employees feel welcomed, engaged, and […]

5 Ways To Build A Culture Of Employee Recognition

Today’s workforce approaches satisfaction very differently than employees in the past. No longer will a fat paycheck guarantee an organization the best talent they need.  Numerous workplace surveys and research conducted on modern-day workforce trends have shown that in order to attract top talent, companies now need to build a culture of employee recognition. So […]

Increasing Pay Won’t Always Win Over Your Employees

The priorities of employees are changing. While bosses in the past could rely on pacifying or even motivating employees with a bonus or a salary increase, the modern workforce has other ideas. Employees today, particularly in the millennial and upcoming generation consider a wide range of engagement factors more important than income alone when accepting […]