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10 Tips to Get Leadership Buy-In for Your Employee Training Program

One of the keys to a successful training program, and possibly the most important, is having leadership buy-in from the top down. Having leadership support helps drive the importance of a program, assist with accountability, and establish appropriate expectations. But how do you know if you already have it? What does it really look like […]

4 Skills for a Smooth Transition as Employees Re-enter the Workplace

As more states begin lifting restrictions that had been implemented during the peak of COVID-19, leadership teams are working hard to ensure a smooth re-entry process for their employees. Like the rest of this pandemic, the re-entry process offers L&D and training professionals a unique opportunity to provide value and strategic support to their organizations by training […]

Dr. Stephen Hawking on Learning and Leadership

The late Dr. Stephen Hawking was one of the most respected scientists in modern history. Although he won over many of his followers and admirers because of his vast intelligence, his wit and proclivity to produce profound statements endeared him to hundreds of thousands. Here are some of the late-genius’ quotes on learning and leadership […]