Best Practices in HR

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How to Select and Implement an HRIS You’ll Love

An Expert HR Panel Discussion HRIS solutions offer a large number of benefits for companies, including saving valuable HR time, attracting top talent, and even saving the company money. However, choosing the right HRIS for your company can be a long and costly process. But despite the time and money put into selecting HR software, […]

How to Stop Employees Wasting Time

Every company has at least one employee that seems to spend more time surfing the Internet or chatting with coworkers than getting any actual work done. Even among the employees who aren’t obviously wasting time, many still admit to wasting up to an hour or so of company time each day. This could be in […]

Why You Should Pay Employees a Competitive Salary

  Paying employees a higher salary in order to grow your business sounds like it’s counterintuitive. After all, if you paid employees less money, wouldn’t there be more money left for the business? Low Salaries Don’t Save Money A major cause of employee turnover is salary. If employees feel that they aren’t getting paid enough […]

When Should You Hire a New Employee?

No matter whether your business is large or small, knowing when it’s time to hire someone new is always tough. Employees cost money and so does the search for the right candidate. So how do you know when it’s time to open up a new position? Employee Workload The first step is to look at […]

Reducing Holiday Stress: How Can Your Company Help?

The holidays are a stressful time of year. Some companies get a lot busier around the holidays. On top of work stress, employees have family obligations, Thanksgiving dinners to make, travel to plan, gifts to buy, and more. It’s no wonder that stress skyrockets during the holiday season. But stressed-out employees aren’t the healthiest or […]

Should You Let Your Employees Nap at Work?

Being able to take a nap in the middle of the day sounds great. After all, the Spanish take their famous siesta. But it’s not something you should do at work. Or is it? Napping on the job is actually becoming more common. Some actually include it as a perk. Google, for example, offers nap […]

The Benefits of Millennial Employees

Everyone’s heard the stereotypes about Millennials: they’re entitled, they’re killing off industries, they’re apathetic, and they’re addicted to social media. None of these sound like good employees to have on your workforce. However, the truth about Millennials is actually very different from the stereotypes. Studies have shown that they’re actually very ambitious, hard workers who […]

Should Your Company Offer Profit Sharing?

It’s important to reward your employees for a job well done. It’s common for companies to offer year-end bonuses to their employees for this reason. Many employees come to rely on them as a part of their salary. However, offering bonuses can become problematic during an economic downturn. If your company cannot offer the usual […]

How To Select the Best Time Tracking Solution for Your Business

Time and attendance tracking has come a long way since the old fashioned punch clock. While the analog method still remains an option, most businesses can benefit from investing in newer technology and updating their methods. If you are looking to upgrade your time and attendance tracking, or just starting out and trying to figure […]

The Benefits of Offering Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement provides a lot of benefits for employees. They can return to school for a higher degree and recover some of the costs. Tuition reimbursement programs aren’t always limited to tuition. Other expenses, such as the cost of books, may also be included. The benefits of tuition reimbursement programs aren’t only for employees. Employers […]