Best Practices in HR

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Welcoming New Employees

So you’ve gone through the recruiting and interview process and have extended an offer to an employee to join your company. But what happens next? The onboarding process is essential to getting your new hire acclimated to your company and working productively as quickly as possible. A Considerable Amount of Paperwork Every new hire comes […]

Dealing with Rejection: How to Handle Losing Your Top Candidates

The recruiting process can be tough. It’s a long and possibly expensive process to find the best candidates and go through the recruiting and interview process. Job candidates aren’t the only ones who deal with rejection during this process, however. Companies find top candidates that are perfect for the job, only to find that when […]

What You Should Know About the Gender Pay Gap

Most everyone has heard that women make about 76 to 80 cents for every dollar made by a man in the workforce. This statistic has been the subject of much debate and is often misunderstood. Knowing more about the gender pay gap, why it exists, and how to mitigate it can be helpful for any […]

How to Handle Distractions and Restore Your Productivity

Distractions are something that nearly everyone struggles with. There is a shift that occurs in our minds when we switch from passively engaging in reflections to actively focusing on a task at hand and it can be tough to keep ourselves from slipping back into that passive default mode when working on a task. Unfortunately, […]

Top 10 HR Associations to Advance Your Career

HR associations are well respected in the HR field and can provide a level of credibility for HR professionals that opt to join them. HR associations provide certification opportunities, allow members to network and interact with HR leaders from around the world, and offer educational resources and tools. There are a vast number of HR […]

6 Surefire Ways to Make Your Employees Hate You

Employee productivity and retention are both closely tied to contentment. While there are many factors that can impact contentment, employees’ relationship with management and the employer is arguably the heaviest one. If you are a manager or employer and you want to sabotage your company’s productivity, the following are a few surefire ways to make […]

Could Your Company Benefit from Using an HR Checklist?

HR is one of the most often overlooked areas of a business. While everyone has heard that employees are a business’ most valuable asset, it is rarely discussed that HR is imperative to keeping employees compensated, safe, trained, organized, recruited, and ultimately employed. A well managed HR department can make all the difference in employee […]

6 Tips for Setting Goals with Employees

Taking the time to set goals for employees can help you to increase productivity within your workforce, while also improving employee contentment. Good employees want to do well for the company, but may not know exactly what is expected or what would be helpful. Setting goals breaks down these expectations into easy-to-understand tasks that can […]