Best Practices in HR

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Personal Resilience: Run Into the Challenge and Ten Tips for the Journey

How do I turn disappointment and failure into learning and success? Lately, in our social network, Wendy and I have had an inordinate number of friends facing severe disappointments and challenges: untimely death, nasty divorce, health disabilities, job loss, professional setbacks, marital/family problems, crises of faith, and so forth. Whew! Obviously, we care about the […]

The Next Step in HR Outside-In: Social Citizen Stewardship

Over the last decade, my colleagues and I have shown that HR is not about HR but about delivering value to all stakeholders. Traditionally, HR focused on internal stakeholders (employees and organization). We have expanded this view with an outside-in focus (HR from the Outside In) to emphasize how HR work can be used to better […]