Best Practices in HR

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One hour of definitions in one minute

It’s easy to get off track when you focus on the wrong questions. [embedded content] And stay tuned for the follow up video where we give examples of “Who?” and “What for?” One hour of definitions in one minute

HR Analytics Diagnostic Video

One thing that strikes me is how big a gap there is between a few firms operating at the frontiers of HR analytics and those down at the end of lonely street trying to get started with limited support. I’ve created a musical view of the the different stages of HR analytics.  Perhaps you’ll find […]

Strategies for dealing with AI and other disruptive tech in HR

There is a lot of hype around AI in HR. While it sometimes seems that vendors are simply using the term “AI” to sow confusion, you only have to see AI’s ability to translate languages or have human-like conversations (e.g. Google Duplex) to be stunned by the possibilities. The challenge that we face is that […]

Will Analytics End Your HR Career?

By David Creelman If you loved math then there is a good chance you would have ended up in finance or engineering. Instead your skill probably lay in understanding people and organizations, that’s why you landed in HR. At this point you probably have a lot of HR skill and subject matter expertise. The question […]

Goal Setting: The Dark Side

By David Creelman One of my very first published articles, about 20 years ago now, was about the wonders of goal setting. Goal setting is a very well researched topic. The leading research by Gary Latham and Edwin Locke boils down to the fact that setting a specific goal leads to better performance than asking […]