A Conversation with Dr Gary Crotaz Chief Coaching Officer from KultraLab

Dr Gary Crotaz, PhD is the Chief Coaching Officer of pioneering digital coaching scaleup business KultraLab. Based out of the UK but engaging with large clients in both the UK and the US, KultraLab’s digital coaching app Kultra enables organisations to help all their people to maximise their potential in the workplace through a low-cost […]

Business Owner Tips: Improve Your Collaboration Game

Imagecourtesy of Pexels   BusinessOwner Tips: Improve Your Collaboration Game   As abusiness owner, you have to lead by example. Suppose you want a company whereall individuals can work together and tackle projects with strongcommunication. In that case, you must show how important it is to communicateas a team. Technology Signals notes that your workers […]

What do You Need to Become a Corporate Trainer?

Corporate training is essential as it allows employees to enhance their organisational performance by improving their skills and focusing on professional development. Employers need corporate training to accustom new employees to the organisation, teach existing employees new skills and help employees develop appropriate skills to transfer to a new department within the organisation. Some companies […]

How The Cost Paradox Impairs Decision-Making

Before the beginning of every semester during college, a couple of buddies and I would head off to Atlantic City. We were all Delaware football players, and they were on scholarship, but I was a walk-on. However, The Bill Long Scholarship paid the same expenses as a UD athletic scholarship — room, meals, and tuition […]