Best Practices in HR

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Revolutionizing HR with Teamatics Performance Management Software!

We are excited to invite you to an exclusive webcast that will redefine the way you approach Human Resources and Performance Management. Teamatics is proud to introduce our cutting-edge HR performance management software, designed to enhance career development and streamline the review process using state-of-the-art AI technology. Join us Wednesday, Nov 30, at 1 PM […]

Coaches, Trainers and HR Consultant Partner Webcast

Leverage Teamatics and grow your portfolio Teamatics Performance Management System, that takes your learning style and highlights you as the go-to expert.   The Teamatics platform empowers coaches, trainers and consultants like you with the opportunity to work deeper with your clients.  Teamatics offers a robust set of features to help you tailor your learning […]

Gallup Clifton Strengths Partner Webcast

Coaches can grow your business leveraging Strengths. Teamatics Performance Management System, Leverages Strength to help Coaches succeed. The Teamatics platform empowers coaches like you with the opportunity to work deeper with your clients.  Teamatics offers a robust set of features to help you tailor your coaching strategies leveraging the Clifton program. We would like to […]

How to Make Your Hiring Process More Inclusive

Image via Pexels Whether you’re looking to fill a single position or an entire team, your hiring process should reflect the company’s diversity and the needs of your community and customers. With the right mix of candidates, you can establish and maintain an inclusivework environment that benefits everyone, from your clients to your employees to […]

Transform Your Nurse Staffing Strategy

Key Takeaways: Unlock Financial Efficiency: Grasp the actual cost implications of nurse turnover and how reducing it can significantly elevate your bottom line. Harness Predictive Intelligence: Learn how machine learning algorithms can proactively identify burnout symptoms, allowing for timely interventions that sustain workforce morale. Master Workforce Optimization: Discover how strategic nurse scheduling can not only […]

How To Create Accessible Documents for an Inclusive Work Culture

In the modern and diverse work environment, we have today, making things accessible isn’t just a nice thing to do – it’s a must. Accessible documents play a major role in ensuring that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can fully participate and engage. By offering materials that are easy to read, navigate, and understand, companies […]

Expansion Excellence: Essential Considerations for Your Business Growth

Image via Pexels Expanding your business represents a promising avenue toward greater growth and enhanced revenue streams. While thrilling, this journey also presents its challenges, emphasizing the need for meticulous planning and astute strategies to guarantee a seamless shift to a broader operational scope. These foundational aspects will steer you towards enlightened decision-making, risk minimization, […]

Outsourced Recruiting & Onboarding To Improve Retention; Flat-Fee Model

Whitmarsh Consulting Group has partnered with Recruiter Share and HireMojo – bringing you a cutting-edge recruitment management solution to help grow your business!   For a flat fee, you can work with Recruiter Share and HireMojo to simplify the hiring process and fill your vacant roles with the best talent to achieve your growth goals. […]

Performance Management 3rd annual survey, preparing for 2024.

The goal is to get a comprehensive understanding of the challenges associated with performance reviews today and how different stakeholders within the organization perceive these challenges. Performance Management Define your role in Performance Reviews * In HR, responsible for performance reviews In Management, responsible for giving performance reviews to my team An Employee who gets […]