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How to Hire a Recruitment Marketing Pro

Recruiting as a profession has existed for as long as employers have been hiring people, and for much of that time, it has operated in much of the same way: Jobs were posted in old and new media, resumes were screened, and candidates were interviewed then hired. Now, with the advent of recruitment marketing, the […]

4 Ways to Influence and Impact Candidates for Life

The average millennial now changes jobs four times within their first decade out of college – twice as much as the generation prior. The people we’re trying to recruit may now easily have 15 jobs in their lifetime; they’re constantly on the market and always open for the next right opportunity. Given this “new normal,” how can organizations more […]

3 Ways to Hire Innovators

If you’ve never had the chance to gulp a bottle of Hint Water, you soon will. It’s the flagship product of Hint, Inc., founded a dozen years ago in Silicon Valley by a tech executive, Kara Goldin, during a career hiatus while expecting her fourth child. She started making unsweetened, fruit-flavored water at home. It tasted good […]

Hourly Candidates: How to Meet Them Where They Are

Salaried employees. Hourly employees. Contract employees. Today’s workforce is made up of a dynamic mix of different types of workers—each possessing unique perceptions, attitudes and behaviors when it comes to the hiring process. The candidate experience isn’t one-size-fits-all—but does your recruiting strategy reflect this? Organizations often talk about improving the candidate experience, but fall short […]

How to Use Twitter Lists in Recruiting (in 500 Words)

Social media is taking over the world. Okay, maybe not the entire world, but it is becoming a major channel used to research companies and cultures and even apply to jobs. But, posting job reqs isn’t enough to stand out today. You have to be creative in how you create, share and curate content. In a sea of followers and […]

You’re Probably Not Using Your CRM Effectively

While 79 percent of organizations are using CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) technology today, nearly one-third are dissatisfied with it. (Unfortunately, it seems like its favor is going the route of the ATS…) But it’s up to us to change its course. As much as we love to hate it, the technology (in most cases) isn’t the problem. Often, the issue is rooted […]

How to Write an Epic Job Description (in 500 Words)

With the average candidate visiting between 12-18 sites before they even get to your jobs, it’s exceptionally important to use that job real estate wisely once they do. Candidates are doing most of their research in the Zero Moment of Truth phase (credit to Google for this amazing concept), so when they’re finally ready to […]

So People Are Your Company’s Greatest Asset? Prove It

“Our people are our organization’s most valuable asset.” How many times have you heard an executive utter that line? Perhaps (gasp!) you’ve even said it yourself. The vast majority of business leaders today preach the importance of human capital in achieving competitive advantage. But are we really convinced? If people are an organization’s most valuable […]