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The Ultimate Employee Engagement Action Plan in 6 Simple Steps

According to Gallup research, companies that ranked the highest levels of employee engagement were 22% more profitable and 21% more productive than those that ranked the lowest levels. When employees are engaged at work, morale is higher, they’re absent less often and they’re more productive. In short, investing in your employees pays. But for most […]

3 Ways to Savor Springtime with Snack and Activity Pairings

Maximize the joyful vibes of your favorite spring activities with healthy snacks designed to energize your mind, body, and soul. Each of these treats puts a better-for-you spin on the classic snacks you crave. Here are the spring outings and better-for-you snacks you need to share with your friends right now. P.S. Sorry, Hangriness—you are […]

How to Detect and Correct Low Employee Morale Before it Spreads

Low employee morale is a silent killer of workplace productivity and performance. When employees feel down and disengaged, they might meet deadlines, but the work will be subpar, uninspired, and lacking innovation. What’s more, low employee morale is contagious. Reporting on Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, a book by psychologist Daniel Goleman, Quartz writes: […]

15 Ideas to Revolutionize Your Employee of the Month Program

An employee of the month program sounds great, but what does it really mean? The vague term feels good to employees who receive the award, but it might leave other employees wondering precisely what characteristics make a winner. That sounds pretty frustrating, right? If employees can’t determine what makes a model employee (by leadership’s standard […]

37 Memorable Gifts for Every Type of CEO

Need a gift for a CEO who has it all? We suggest trying something you can’t get in any store, something one-of-a-kind—your own unique brand of thoughtfulness. Because when it comes to someone this impossible to shop for, it really is the thought that counts. Here’s a list of gifts CEOs will never forget (or […]

15+ Grab and Go Healthy Fall Snacks for a Better-For-You Holiday Season

Festive celebrations, changing leaves and cozy memories with family and friends are just a few of the hallmark favorites of the fall season. With holiday parties and family dinners abound, it can be hard to balance beloved indulgences with healthy options that fuel us through the season. That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite healthy tips […]

18 Holiday Party Ideas That Are Big Fun for Small Companies

Holiday cheer is not reserved for offices with the budget to rent out a grand atrium, stock an open bar, and curate a selection of artisanal hors d’oeuvres. Companies with small staffs and small budgets can still host memorable holiday parties that pack big fun. Delight your employees with any of these small company holiday […]

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Offboarding: Exit Checklist, Interview Qs and Timeline

There are countless benefits to a thorough new hire orientation from employee retention and loyalty to boosted morale and productivity. But what about the employee offboarding process? Why should that matter? Believe it or not, an employee’s last days at a company can be just as crucial as their first. That’s why it is so important to […]