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20+ Essential Office Manager Training Courses for Every OM

There’s always something new to learn, and luckily, you don’t have to be enrolled in a degree-track program to take stimulating Office Manager training courses. These online and in-person training selections offer something to help any Office Manager’s career flourish—whether they’re looking to refine a specific skill or boost their well-rounded arsenal of office skills. […]

23 Books Every Executive Assistant Should Read

Executive Assistants (EAs) looking to boost their careers and refine on-the-job skills can find everything they need and more in this carefully curated list of Executive Assistant books. We classified the books according to the skills most critical to an Executive Assistant’s success. Many of these book suggestions came straight from our Facebook group for Executive […]

The Executive Assistant’s Guide: Tips for Getting a Promotion or Raise

“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” – Oprah Winfrey At some point, we’ve all had to grow up and learn that wishes don’t simply come true. We have to make them true. If you wish for a raise or a promotion, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll do more than just […]

Every Office Manager Meme You Ever Wanted

Office Managers (OMs) champion a positive work environment. They have all the answers, all the smiles…and all the office supplies. But what happens when OMs feel less than thrilled about doing it all? On these rare occasions, they can count on Office Manager memes to lift their spirits. Small “snacks” of humor and positivity, Office […]

13 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients and Customers Will Love

Looking for corporate gift ideas that your clients and customers will love? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We know you’re tired of sending gifts destined for the dusty corners of your client’s office, so we’ve scoured the internet to come up with a list of gender-neutral gifting ideas with enough originality and thoughtfulness […]

7 Creative Ways to Make Memorable New Employee Announcements

First impressions matter, so don’t let your new hires down! Unless any enterprising newbies have already made the office rounds, you’re pretty much responsible for their workplace debuts. Introduce new employees with creativity and flair that existing employees will notice and appreciate. These employee announcement ideas give the whole office a sneak peek of new […]

How to Bring an Authentic Startup Vibe to Any Office

Startup office imitators usually go for superficial things, but startups aren’t special because they have bottomless beverages, games, or toys. Startups make magic with imaginative areas for collaboration, spaces that allow freedom and flexibility, and design elements that convey a spirit of possibility and innovation. Keep reading to learn how to bring all those sought-after […]

Calendar Management For Executive Assistants to Save Time & Stress

How much of your day do you spend on calendar management? We hear you, and we know you’re way too busy actually managing calendars to research ways you might be able to save time on managing calendars. Plus, it seems like good old organization skills can only get you so far when you’re taking on […]

25 Office Exercises: Easy Desk-Friendly Ways to Get Fit

Modern technology has given us plenty of benefits and conveniences, but with one major drawback: Most of us sit at a desk for for eight (or more) hours a day, five days a week, most weeks of the year. And unfortunately, the very thing can make us productive, profitable, and successful employees for our company […]

How to Encourage Healthy Living for Your Employees

We often start advice articles with an assumption. We assume you like to save time, or that you hate wasting time; we assume you like puppies and you want to manage your money wisely. And in this case, we assume you encourage your employees to be healthy, because to encourage anything to the contrary would […]