Best Practices in HR

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Technical Interview Tips and Developer Testing Advice

Software developers are in high demand, but to get a job, they first must master the technical interview. Often packed with confusing questions and excruciating tests, it can feel like a lot just to get a job offer. However, if you make it through and impress your future employers, you’ll not only get the offer, but […]

How To Make the Most of Your 401(k)

Creating a long-term, successful career is about more than just getting the perfect job – it’s also about managing your personal finances. At GetFive, we’re big believers in planning ahead for long term success, and one of the most important parts of that is building a retirement fund and 401(k). This may seem like a […]

Is Geographic-based Compensation Still Relevant?

For a full year now, or more, employees whose job roles allowed for it have been working from home. Some companies didn’t miss a beat, but it upended companies in more traditional industries like banking. In the end, working at home generally worked out just fine. Employees remained productive, their work/life balance felt, well, balanced, […]

6 Proven Methods to Help You Land a Job

Maybe you live in a region where hiring appears to have plateaued. Maybe you’re in an industry where growth is slow. Maybe it just feels like you’re unlucky. No matter the cards stacked against you, a new job can be part of your future when you follow these six methods for finding employment. 1.Have a […]

Applicant tracking systems: Tactics for beating the bots

Hiring managers, HR pros, and recruiters love applicant tracking systems (ATS) — software applications that, among other things, sift through reams of resumes, plucking out the most suitable for the job. The ATS automates parts of the hiring process, which is very good news for busy recruiters. One reason for the rise in the use […]

3 Tips to Deal With Gender Bias During Interviews

When you interview for a job, you assume the hiring company will select the best candidate for the position. This could mean a combination of factors like skill set, education, work ethic, and cultural fit. What it shouldn’t include is your gender. But unfortunately there often is a gender bias during interviews, and it’s a bias […]

3 Easy Actionable Tasks to Develop Big Job Search Momentum

Have you just started job searching and feel overwhelmed? Not sure where exactly to start? Or, maybe you’ve been job hunting for a while, and now your search has gone from stellar to stagnant? You’re not alone. Developing and maintaining forward momentum in your job hunt is difficult! Yes, we all know you should shoot […]

10 Reasons to Get a Career Coach That Have Nothing to Do with Job Searching

When you think about career coaches, you probably envision the savvy professionals that give advice during a job search. They toil away critiquing resumes, finessing cover letters and conducting mock interviews so you can knock it out of the park, ultimately getting multiple job offers. But a career coach’s expertise goes well beyond the job […]

Bot busting! How to spot an ATS

There are a lot of nuances to modern job searching. If you’ve filled out an online application recently, you’ve probably noticed things look and feel a lot different than they did even just five years ago. That’s because most hiring managers utilize software called an applicant tracking system. With some strategic steps, the ATS can […]

5 Rules to Protect Your Privacy While Online Job Searching

Fake job boards. Social media phishing. Bate-and-switch job posts. You may think these types of scams are rare, but job search experts are seeing these trends increase and they’re becoming more sophisticated with each passing year. Online outreach is just one aspect of an effective job search, but it is an essential one. To protect […]