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10 Ways to Test the Waters Before Diving Into a New Career

The alarm blares as you struggle to blink open your eyes for another routine morning. You’ll head into the same job you’ve worked at in the same old industry for the last 20 or more years. It used to be your passion, but now it’s just bland. You often feel empty and spend your day […]

4 Principles to Keep in Mind as You Learn a New Company Culture

If you’ve ever taken a vacation to a foreign country, you probably headed down to the bookstore to find a travel guide so you would know where to stay, where to eat, and what to visit. You may have also picked up a pocket dictionary and learned a few phrases of the language and something about […]

How to Interview: Think and Act Like a Consultant

Sick of the same old banter and outcome at interviews? If so, it’s time to change things up. One effective strategy is to think and interview like a consultant. Why? This method will make you much more powerful and calmer during the interview process, instead of sitting there hoping they’ll hire you and passively trying […]

3 Steps for Dealing with a Toxic Coworker

Harvard Business Review released the findings of their study of thousands of teams across all industries, sectors, and geographies to learn what makes some teams successful while others fail. What it boils down to is the quality of the team’s relationships. If you’ve got a supportive team, you’re set for success. But just one toxic team member […]