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How to Hire a Great Sales Manager

Raise your hand if you’ve promoted the wrong rep to sales manager before? Yeah, no sales leader in the world can keep both (or either of?) their hands down. And it’s so painful, right? Because they were SO GOOD at the job and so ambitious and all over you about it. Honestly, you kind of […]

How to Keep Prospects on the Phone

Everyone loves to talk about how many calls it takes to get someone on the phone (me included), but not enough of us talk about how to KEEP them on the phone! If you’re making cold calls or even cold-ish calls, and you FINALLY get someone to answer, you feel a bit like… Now, don’t […]

How to Build an Account and Lead Qualification Strategy

Does anyone out there NOT have a story about working their tail off to reach a Decision Maker only to find out that it was a bum lead? Account and lead qualification strategies and categorization are topics near and dear to my heart because: Yeah, I’ve done it too I hate wasting time more than […]

4 Steps to Asking Better Sales Discovery Call Questions

Prospecting discovery is drastically different from pipeline discovery. If you’re selling something new and you’re leading with the standard exploratory questions that everyone else already Googled, you’re probably not getting through #5 on your list of top ten questions. Stop getting shut down on your BDR, SDR, AE, ISR, Acquisition (really, any new prospect) calls! […]

5 Questions You Should Never Ask on a Sales Discovery Call

You’ve probably heard me say this before: Prospect discovery and pipeline discovery are two VERY different meetings. And, the questions you ask on a sales discovery call are MUCH different from those you ask in pipeline discovery. If you’re not adamantly nodding your head in agreement, go and read about the difference right here. If […]

Tips for Mastering Call Coaching

Call coaching is literally THE hardest new skill for sales managers. Yes, it’s a new skill even if you’re not a new manager. Why? Because as a seller – hell, as a HUMAN – our job is to take action to get results. We are “me” focused and “results” focused. Coaching flips this on its […]

5 Quick Tips for New Sales Managers

My first year in sales management was rough. I try hard to celebrate that sweet, young thing instead of cringe, but it’s hard some days. I remember some doozy mistakes: Motivating over email. I had 2 reps on my new team that hit the end of their ramp and went against quota before anyone else. […]