Best Practices in HR

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Everything You Need to Know About Employee Benefits

Over the years, the definition of employee benefits has changed. Benefits such as PTO (paid time off), insurance (including life, medical, dental, and disability) and a 401K are probably most familiar to you. These are the benefits we’ve come to accept as ‘the norm.’ But the list of all the options you can choose from […]

How Much Time Off Should I Really Give My Employees?

It’s a simple question, with a seemingly simple answer that you should be able to figure out before lunchtime. But defining and implementing a PTO policy for your company is actually a strategic, and often challenging process. For starters, there is no statutory minimum on paid vacation or paid public holidays, so it’s up to […]

4 Common Reasons Employees Quit, And How to Fix Them

Finding employees who will be a good fit for your company isn’t easy, so when you do hire someone who does stellar work, you’ll want to keep them on your team as long as possible. Replacing departed employees isn’t just time-consuming — it’s also pricey. It can cost your company 30–50% of an entry level […]

The Guide to Being a Wildly Efficient One Person HR Team

We recently shared some advice for running a lean HR team, but we recognize that not everyone is in the position to have an HR team in place. If your company employs between 5 – 200 people, you are likely relying on a multi-tasking HR generalist, someone without an HR background wearing many hats, or […]

How to Build an Employee-First Culture

You know that putting your employees first can benefit your company, but how do you start? There are numerous, cost-effective ways to let employees know you appreciate their hard work. Whether it’s offering an option to work from home or supporting a more relaxed dress code (especially for employees who aren’t client-facing), here are easy-to-implement ways […]

The Time-Saving Advice You Need to Run a Lean HR Team

Human resources is the heart and soul of any business. But managing any number of employees isn’t easy. Between finding qualified new applicants, processing time-off requests, and keeping up with ever-changing health insurance benefits, many HR departments are overloaded, overworked, and frequently get bogged down with tedious tasks that pull them away from really important […]

Two Ways to Save Big on Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act leveled the playing field, helping millions of previously uninsured Americans access health insurance. However, this shift contributed to large premium increases for businesses from coast to coast. Premium increases go beyond the Affordable Care Act, though, and according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, average premiums for families covered by their employer have […]