Best Practices in HR

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A Manager’s Guide to Better Decision Making

Best Practices for Better Decision Making Have you ever heard any of these common decision-making frustrations? “Our conversations just go in circles, it seems like we can never make a decision around here!” “This is so stupid—you asked for my opinion and then ignored it. I don’t know why I even bother! From now on, […]

How Your Employee Recognition Program Can Destroy Morale

Avoid These Big Mistakes When Recognizing Employees A great employee recognition program is a remarkable way to build culture, increase employee engagement and reinforce critical behaviors. Done well, these programs will have a positive impact on culture and can also serve as a vital part of your 5 x 5 communication plan. And yet, so many […]

Share Your Ideas: Practical Ways to Ensure Your Voice is Heard

How to Overcome FOSU (Fear of Speaking Up) and Share Your Ideas You want to share your ideas to improve the business, but if you’re like many employees we work with sometimes it’s hard to know just how or when to share them. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience before and it feels safer to […]