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The role of isolation in a remote workplace.

Each year remote work takes up a larger and larger share of the global workplace. It’s grown 115% in the last decade alone, and about 70% of the global workforce works remotely at least some of the time. Employers everywhere are learning what it takes to offer a fulfilling employee experience in the absence of […]

Unlimited time off: paying former employees for unused PTO

Imagine that your employer keeps a reserve of gold coins in a conference room down the hall. According to the employee handbook, employees are entitled to unlimited gold coins. The employer is cool with that, they don’t even track who’s taken what. That’s right. You can walk into that room, grab as much gold as […]

Working remotely: Being present when you’re not here.

Last summer we said goodbye to our office in Chicago because we simply didn’t need a physical space anymore. It’s taken a few years to learn the ropes of remote work but moving out of a physical space seemed more a formality than anything else, given we’ve been ‘mostly remote’ for a several years now. […]

The Truth About Part-Time Employees and Benefits

The truth is usually a lot easier to understand than we give it credit for. Part-time employees can take a few hats off the heads of your full-time staff, work on new projects that don’t require 40 hours a week to do, and even help create a pro-vacation environment by taking on the work of […]

The Two Most Common Onboarding Mistakes To Avoid

  Despite a large amount of research showing that the development of an onboarding process works wonders for companies with retention issues, lots of small businesses haven’t started developing their own onboarding processes. Making a good first impression is crucial for new hires when interviewing with your company, and now it’s your turn to give […]

The Power Of Employee Recognition In The Workplace

A thank you can go a long way. Even more so, acknowledgment of a job well done, whether personal or professional, can make someone feel understood, valued and respected. We’ve been taught this since we were children, yet it isn’t always what we think to say to our colleagues or employees because often times we are […]

How To Compassionately Let An Employee Go

You’re a manager and you have finally realized that after months of coaching, retraining, and discussions that a member of your team just hasn’t responded to your efforts to become a better-performing employee. No one said letting an employee go during the holidays – or at any time, really –  is easy. Regardless of when or […]

Using Wellness Programs as a Retention Tool for Your Great Employees

This is the fourth in a multi-part series about wellness programs in small businesses. This article looks at how offering wellness programs as a retention tool can help small businesses recruit, engage, and retain their workforce. At a rapidly increasing rate, small businesses are facing direct and indirect healthcare costs that negatively impact business operations, […]

Are Wellness Programs Right for Your Small Business?

This is the first in a multi-part series about wellness programs in small businesses. This article looks at what’s involved in providing a wellness program that supports employee well-being, and ultimately creates a healthier organization. Turn on the news, or look at the front page of any news outlet, and chances are you’ll see a […]

Ways We Work: How to NOT work

Craig Bryant, Founder and CEO of Kin, and Emily Powers, Director of Operations and Finance at Fresh Tilled Soil, have joined forces to uncover the mysteries of the modern workplace. The following is the second chapter of an eight-part series featuring some of the greatest debates, struggles, and solutions surrounding how we work. In our […]