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What Do Managers Need To Do During The Day

One of my go-to “truisims” when speaking about inside sales is that frontline sales management is THE busiest job in the world. I find myself saying this over and over because “Give it to the Sales Managers” seems to be a go-to phrase in leadership, but sadly is oh-so-wrong. Why? Managing a team of 10-15 […]

Revelations On Main Stage Speaking

Ever wondered what it’s like under the big spotlight of a mainstage? Most of my career I dreamed of being the “big shot” on stage speaking at a conference of my peers. Now that I’ve done it, I wanted to share the funny reality. This year I shared the stage with our incredible new VP […]

Three Inside Sales Lessons From A Six-Year Old

Last week my son made his first sales call. For an inside sales thought leader, you have got to believe this was big in my house! My brave six year old D.J. read the school script to relatives & friends and got pledges for the APEX fundraiser (yes, that link is shameless promotion for my son). […]

8 Components of a World-Class New Sales Hire Onboarding Program

Been thinking that revenue targets would be easier to crush if your new hires would ramp up to speed more quickly? You’re spot-on, my friend. Best-in-class onboarding (or new hire training) programs go well beyond the standard “Welcome to the company” orientation and dive into actual job training. But most programs stop after introducing reps […]

The Top 5 Ways Companies Fail Their Salespeople

In my line of work, I spend a lot of time on sales floors around the world watching Reps, Managers, Directors, and VP’s try to drive the number. I see well intentioned organizations and leaders spend countless hours and dollars trying to unlock the secret that will bring in more customers and keep them coming […]