Best Practices in HR

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Real Examples of How HR Certification Can Advance Your Career

While speaking at the SHRM conference in Illinois, the audience had a great conversation about the value of human resources certification that is worth sharing! Here’s what some real HR professionals have to say about getting their HR Certification and how it impacted their careers. One of the most impactful insights shared by the vast […]

Do You Need HR? Answer These 9 Questions to Decide

Whether it’s recruiting, retaining or training employees, or maintaining compliance with federal and state guidelines, human resources departments play a critical role in all businesses. But not every company needs a dedicated HR staff. In fact, many small businesses can do—or have already done—without a formal HR department. No matter the size of your business, […]

How Utilizing HR Technology Can Benefit Your Employees

The use of technology to make companies more efficient and productive is on the rise in the modern business world. The most successful businesses are often those that make it a priority to keep pace and modernize their practices as innovation continues to bring newer, better digital tools into the mix. In particular, utilizing tech […]

Don’t Panic! What to Do When HR Becomes Your Job

You’re a nice person and you get along with everyone. Your organization’s leadership knows they can count on you to get things done efficiently, effectively and, when necessary, confidentially. But now that the company has grown and there are more employees on board, those leaders start getting more questions and things get more complicated. They […]

How HR Certification Changed the Career of a Woman Running an HR Department of One

If you’re an HR Department of One, that means that you are generally doing a little bit of everything. You are the CHRO and the administrative assistant…usually all at the same time. You have to have in-depth knowledge in all areas of the employee lifecycle, from recruiting to termination and all compliance situations in between. […]

24 Creative Ideas for Boosting Employee Development

Employee development doesn’t always have to be about sending people to a conference or seminar. This list of twenty-four creative ideas will help you think outside of the box when it comes to employee development so you can work towards building a stronger workforce. Think outside the box! Here are 24 creative #employee development ideas […]

6 Ways to Restructure HR that Will Boost Your Organization’s Success

No matter how large or small your company is, a skilled HR executive, team or department can greatly impact the success of the organization. Unfortunately, this can’t happen when your HR person is hidden away in some corner office working on mundane daily tasks. To help your HR person blossom into the strategic business leader […]

HR’s Role in Identifying Top Performers and Keeping Them

Every manager has a go-to person on their team that can always get “it” done. This person may not be in a critical, client facing role, but they are your go-to person and play a large role in helping you drive the business forward. Today we are going to look at HR’s role in identifying […]

Evolution of the HR Manager to Strategic Business Partner

Would you make mission-critical decisions for your business without considering production and inventory? Do you involve your CFO with purchasing new equipment? Before entering a new market, don’t you involve your VP of Sales? Each of these major business decisions requires human talent for success. As such, doesn’t it make sense to involve your human […]

6 Key Tips for Becoming a Better HR Leader in a VUCA World

It happens to all of us — you begin your day with a well-organized to-do list and a fresh, focused mind but before you know it there are fifty-five new emails in your inbox, your voicemail is flashing, and three fires have erupted. Put simply; the world is spinning faster than you can catch up […]