Best Practices in HR

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How to Use HR Technology to Your Advantage

The big challenge for Human Resources teams in the foreseeable future will be staying on top of the game. Digital technology has freed HR staffs from mundane and repetitive tasks in payroll, benefits, and insurance. But that same technology revolutionized the entire business world at a time when society seeing fundamental shifts in values.  This […]

How to measure and improve your workplace culture

All too often, senior management read “improving workplace culture” as “offering some lunchtime yoga and putting on some free food every now and then”. It’s not that there’s anything inherently bad with either of these two things (free food is a cornerstone of good morale in all workplaces, as far as we’re concerned). But still, […]

Employee Handbooks Revisited: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

I read an article today where the author was talking about the Top Five Small Business Trends to Monitor in 2019. The fifth trend was Consistent And Transparent Employee Communication. The “I have found creating an up-to-date employee handbook that is readily accessible will benefit both upper management and employees.” I agree! I wrote this post on […]

How incentive travel program can boost your employee’s productivity: A guest post

Motivating your employees is hard work. Even if you have a team that’s willing to put in the work and understands the importance of staying the course, ensuring that the dedication doesn’t waver is a task that many companies struggle with. However, there are methods that have proven to be very effective at increasing employee […]

“No Fault” Attendance Policies Must be Managed

Make sure your attendance policy is well written and covers ADA and FMLA absences. A lot of companies like to use “no-fault” attendance policies because they are easier to administer, generally easy to understand, reduces the chances of favoritism, doesn’t require a lot of policing of reasons for absences and treats the employees as adults […]

How are lactating mothers protected in the workplace?

Two agencies provide protection to breastfeeding mothers. For some reason, there has been a spate of articles posted in various outlets about lactating mothers. I am not sure what the cause for this is, perhaps some employer is engaging in wrongdoing or some untrained manager has denied someone the opportunity to express breast milk. Who […]

Is an obese employee protected by the ADA?

Obesity as a disability is a growing problem. At some time or another most HR professionals have probably been faced with the question of whether or not an obese employee is covered by the ADA. The answer as often happens is “maybe”. Unfortunately, as our population gets heavier this may become more of a problem. Morbid […]

Salary Broadcast on the Company Website? Do You Agree?

Is pay transparency workable for your organization?  Employees want a company to be fair. And most recently, “salary transparency” has become a heated debate in the industry. Salary transparency— as in all salaries of every employee will be transparent and is available for everyone to see. While discrimination at work still persists in the workspace, […]

Company Board Meeting: 5 areas HR pros should focus on!

  HR can play an integral part in board meetings. There is no doubt that the HR department plays a major role in the development and growth of a company. In fact, the HR department might be the only one that deals with virtually all aspects of a business. HR professionals are at times involved […]

How to Help an Employee Suffering from Addiction

Addiction can harm both individuals and the companies they work for. Today’s guest post is written by Trevor McDonald, who has been through the recovery process from addiction, thus bringing practical experience to this post. Fifty-two percent of about 18.9 million people dealing with substance abuse issues were employed in 2011, according to a National […]