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How to Measure Recruitment Marketing Effectiveness: 5 KPIs

When it comes to Recruitment Marketing, many still struggle with how to measure its effectiveness. The definition and purpose is pretty straight forward; attract, engage, nurture, and convert prospects to applicants, but for many in the industry, there is still something of a grey area surrounding the quantifiability of its success. Certainly, quality of hire […]

New Talent Pipelines for the Automated Age (AI)

by KC Donovan For the past few years we’ve all heard about how the world of work is quickly changing and gearing up for a massive shift. Whether you are a believer or not, one thing history has taught us is that technology will continue to push the limits of how we do things. As an […]

Why the “recruitment is marketing” debate needs to stop

The “recruitment is marketing” debate has been tried and tested to the point of now being tired. Some would argue that it’s inaccurate to begin with — that it’s a generalization that doesn’t take into account the fact that in recruiting, marketing tactics aren’t used beyond the attraction phase. I disagree. Marketing, in its simplest […]

Recruiting millennial women? How to optimize your career site and drive conversions.

In my last post, I highlighted the need for employers to recognize that a majority of millennial women are seeking a work/life arrangement that both speaks to their sense of worth and caters to their individual needs set. With this awareness and understanding in place, the next step is to look at the mechanisms and methods you’re employing […]