Best Practices in HR

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Choosing The Right Leadership Coach

The Conscious Culture Group staff has had the pleasure of coaching at some of the best places to work in the world, such as Salesforce and Cisco as well as numerous other small, medium and large organizations. A part of the coaching selection process might include “good fit conversations” – an opportunity for clients to […]

The Evolution Of Leadership Theories And Great Ideas

You cannot change what you cannot see. As an Executive Coach and Culture Consultant, I have the pleasure of taking deep dives – with leaders into themselves, and with leadership teams into their organizational culture. I love this aspect of my work. When on the journey with leaders, patterns become apparent and a change path […]

The Three Phases Of HR Evolution

In preparing for the HR West presentation this March entitled “Tying Conscious HR Leaders to Conscious Culture,” I took this opportunity to reflect on the stages of HR evolution. I vividly remember my first internship in the undergraduate college Office of Personnel many years ago. I spent the entire internship sorting and filing paperwork. I […]

The 4 Stages Of The Conscious Culture Development

While recently having blood drawn for a medical screen, the attendant asked what I did for work. I shared with her that I was a company culture consultant, the founder of Conscious Culture Group.  She didn’t understand what company culture was and asked about it. We discussed her work, her work environment, her manager and the leaders […]

5 Key Next Steps For Uber’s Company Culture & New Norms

It is great to see Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi take an affirmative step in changing Uber’s culture during his first three months on the job. Through his leadership, Uber surveyed employees asking for their ideas on values and received 1,200 submissions with 22,000 employee votes.  This ultimately led to Dara and the leadership team to announce new […]

The Culture Factor: Why Employee Experience Is More Important Than You Think

Everyone’s talking about the culture factor, including the Harvard Business Review. I was excited to see the cover of their most recent publication entitled “The Culture Factor – Employee attitudes can make or break your business.” Culture is receiving more and more attention, and now this important topic made it as the cover article in a […]

5 HR Responsibilities For New HR Leaders To Tackle In The First 60 Days

Congrats on your new role! HR is not an easy field to work in. I have had the pleasure (and challenges) of being in HR for 32 years, with over a decade as the top HR leader within my organization. Promotions bring more responsibility and influence, and there is no aspect to influence that is […]