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Pushing Past Leading Indicators: Measuring Value and Balanced Scorecards

Results, inputs, value or correlation? What receives the main attention within your approach to safety measurement? Safety measurements are evolving and it’s about time. About 150 years ago, safety, if considered at all, was measured by the amount of work performed or dollars spent. History tells us that in the creation of the first skyscrapers […]

What Are Your Safety Roles, Responsibilities and Results?

You have twelve months to prepare for the following question. What are your most important safety roles, responsibilities and results (SRRRs) that will most directly contribute to shaping your desired safety culture and prevent the most injuries and incidents? If a leader can’t quickly recite their most important safety responsibilities, don’t expect that those they […]

Why Leadership Development Efforts Will Continue to Fail

Leadership development and aligning leaders towards safety performance and cultural improvement is a key strategic priority for many organizations. Unfortunately, most go about it the wrong way. See if this sounds familiar: training is chosen or created, or a workshop facilitated for supervisors, managers or executives who are told to show up at a date […]

Four Questions to Shape Performance

How can you get more effort out of people? Finding the answer to this has caused even the best leaders to struggle. If you want to shape performance in someone, the four questions outlined in this article will be vital to your success. What do you want people to do?¬†While leaders will always be held […]

The Future of Safety Excellence

What is required to be good at safety evolves over time, but what it takes to be truly excellent at safety is a more dynamic, moving target. The accepted way to hit a moving target is to anticipate its path and aim in front of its current position. This is called leading the target. If […]

Have Your Employees Outsourced Safety?

What are your employees responsible for regarding safety, and how do you hold them accountable? Is safety something they rely on the company or safety professional for, or are there specific actions they are held accountable for and hold each other accountable for on a regular basis? You can’t delegate or outsource safety if it […]

Five Reasons You Have Undesired Performance

Leaders set expectations and manage the influences on them, but some spend too much time managing displeasing results. No effective leader can truly expect perfect performance from every one of their direct reports, one-hundred percent of the time. Those who have unrealistic expectations misunderstand human behavior and its influences, and likely create undesirable work environments. […]