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Michael Haberman
  June 2, 2018

13 Ways to Detect Substance Abuse in the Workplace: A guest post

Alcohol and drug use in the workplace isn’t something to take lightly. Serious harm can occur to your property and staff if an affected employee causes an argument or accident.

Promises, a treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction, states that over 70% of all substance abusers in the United States have at least one job.

Private studies have shown that over the course of a year, one out of four American workers between ages 18 and 34 will use illegal drugs at some point. It is an important problem that safety managers need to acknowledge and address.

How can you tell when or if someone is intoxicated?

Beaumont Occupational Services, a drug and alcohol testing company in Texas, has put together a list of 13 signs that they’ve witnessed firsthand when conducting post-accident, reasonable cause, or random drug and alcohol testing:

  1. Passing out on the job
  2. Property theft
  3. The smell of alcohol on the person’s clothing and/or breath
  4. Excessive absenteeism or tardiness for seemingly no reason
  5. A decline in personal appearance and hygiene
  6. An overall decrease in moral
  7. The employee becomes standoffish and combative towards customers, co-workers, and clients
  8. The employee seems anxious or jittery
  9. Physical symptoms like teeth grinding, blood-shot or glassy eyes, and profuse sweating
  10. Change in mood, attitude, and demeanor; may include irritability
  11. Decrease in alertness; the employee may have sluggish movement or speech and doze off frequently
  12. Other employees complain about said person’s behavior
  13. Causing accidents that may result in injury

Do not risk your property or workers. If you think drug and alcohol abuse may be occurring at your job site, it is critical that you take action before it’s too late.

About the author: Faith Munsell | Digital Marketing Specialist | Bizzuka, Inc.


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