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David Whitmarsh
  December 30, 2021

Compensation Panel Webcast 2022

If you have been in worked on your compensation planning over the past couple years, between Covid and the Great Resignation, you have been hit with variables that you may have never faced in the past.   We pulled together a panel of experts to way in on what happened and what you can do in the future.   

Special thanks to my Panel
Bob Laurenzo @ Decusoft.com
Cassandra Faurote @ Total Reward Solutions
Klaus Wuestefeld @ Percival.live

Together we answered the following Questions:

1) We continue to hear a great deal about “the Great Resignation” – what are your thoughts on how compensation plays a role?
2) There is an ongoing discussion on the Employee Experience (EX) and the criticality of creating environments that attract and retain talent.  How does compensation fit into the EX?
3) What were some of the impacts on compensation due to COVID and its impact on compensation plans and short/long term incentives?
4) What ongoing impact do you see as it relates to DEI and ESG in terms of compensation?
5) What are the top concerns that you hear from your customers?
6) What are trends versus permanent issues and is it possible to wind the clock back?
7) Managing in uncertain times, a covid, labor shortage. What measures can you put in place to address unforeseen issues?
8) How to keep your company competitive in the labor force and yet keep your current employees engaged?
9) Bonus and merit pay. What place does it have in this market?