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Robyn Whalen
  November 6, 2018

Top 10 Marketing Campaigns to Share This Flu Season

Fall is here, and so is flu season. 

And, we’re afraid it’s nothing to sniffle at.

After last year’s particularly rough flu season — around 80,000 Americans died due to the flu and its complications — public health officials are urging everyone to consider vaccinations. 

If hard numbers don’t motivate your employees to consider vaccination benefits, we hope these flu shot marketing materials may encourage them. 

Or, at the very least, get them thinking and talking about flu prevention, including thorough hand washing, covering a cough, and staying home when ill.

Here’s our favorite flu shot posters, PSA videos, and brochures: 

1. Focus on Flu | Kentucky Medical Association 

This campaign is aimed toward informing Kentuckians on how to prevent spreading the flu via myth-busting videos featuring medical doctors and other Kentucky Medical Association staff. A flu factsheet proves the direct economic hit counties experience — up to $63.6 million in Jefferson County alone. 


2. Do You Know the Flu? | National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) and HealthyWomen and Families Fighting Flu 

This public toolkit offers flu facts, a PSA, and resources for pediatric healthcare professionals to encourage annual flu vaccines. A helpful “Do You Know the Flu?” quiz tests flu knowledge, including how long the vaccine has been available in the U.S. alone. 


3. Flu Free Florida | Florida Health 

Florida Health gets straight to the point of flu prevention with this easy-to-read infographic — like getting vaccinated every year before Halloween. 


4. Spread The Facts…Not The Flu | Queensland Government 

This Australian government poster reminds readers that regular, thorough hand-washing is part of avoiding the flu. Sing “Happy Birthday” twice for best results.


5. Ready Wrigley | CDC 

This adorable “Ready Wrigley” campaign created by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a coloring activity book to educate kids on the seriousness of the flu season. 


6. Get The Shot, Not The Flu! | UF Student Health Care Center 

There’s nothing like a friendly collegiate competition to get students interested in a flu clinic. UF and FSU, two of Florida’s longest-standing college rivals, are raising awareness with a flu vaccination challenge to the student populations.


7. Get Your Flu Shot! | LiveWell Vermont

This funky-fun graphic poster encourages Vermont’s state employees to get vaccinated — and offers clinic schedule dates in a clearly visible place. 


8. Fight The Flu | Illinois Department of Public Health 

Prevention is the name of the game when it comes to flu season. Remembering the 3 C’s from this campaign can keep everyone healthier.

Fight the Flu

9. Spread Fun! Not Flu. | New Jersey Department of Health 

Little paint-covered hands draw the eye in straight to the facts: School aged-kids must be vaccinated in New Jersey.


10. “Classroom”: H1N1 Prevention | Minnesota Department of Health

The  Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Broadcasters Association teamed up for three short flu PSA videos to spread the word to get vaccinated.


Curious about bringing a flu clinic right to your workplace? 

Learn more here about hosting your own worksite flu vaccination program to ensure all your employees are protected.

Which flu campaign is your favorite? And how do you plan to spread awareness in your office? Share in the comments below!