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  January 1, 1970

Allego Co-Founders’ Book Shares New Approach to Virtual Selling

Yuchun Lee and Mark Magnacca, co-founders of Allego, announced their new book Mastering Virtual Selling: Orchestrating Sales Success, an all-in-one guide providing sales professionals with proven sales methodologies, actionable best practices and relatable anecdotes to compete successfully in a virtual world.

“The events of the last year have set the stage for what B2B sales will look like now and in the future.” — Yuchun Lee, CEO, Allego

Lee and Magnacca partnered with Tony Jeary, leading results strategist, executive coach and subject matter expert who has advised over 1,000 clients and published more than 60 books, to provide relevant strategies and advice for sales professionals.

“‘Mastering Virtual Selling’ pulls up the curtain and shows you what is going on backstage—the true methods it takes to achieve success,” said Harry Hoopis, CEO of Hoopis Performance Network. “Mark, Yuchun, and Tony have nailed the millionaire mindset and then created the book that will help revolutionize companies to achieve that goal.”

More Effective Sales Tactics for Rookies and Veterans

With more than 90% of B2B sales now conducted virtually, rookie and veteran salespeople must master the nuances of virtual selling. “Mastering Virtual Selling: Orchestrating Sales Success” educates sales professionals of all levels how to become buyer-centric and more effective at managing all aspects of virtual selling before, during, and after a prospect meeting.

“Remote selling is no longer a band-aid. It’s not a temporary fix to a pandemic. It’s more like a heart transplant that transforms our way of life forever,” said Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer, Corporate Visions. “Think of this book as the necessary ‘anti-rejection medicine’ we need to help make remote selling a permanent and productive change.”

The book demonstrates the tools and tactics sales professionals need to achieve an intended outcome, including:

  • The power of creating a compelling buying experience
  • Tactics and strategy on “frontstage” and “backstage” selling
  • Enabling virtual selling teams
  • Creating the hybrid selling environment of the future

“With more than 13.7 million people in sales and sales-related professions in the U.S., teams are looking for resources that will help them hone the skills they need to master virtual selling,” said Co-author Yuchun Lee, Allego CEO and co-founder.

For B2B Salespeople Now and in the Future

“The events of the last year have set the stage for what B2B sales will look like now and in the future. ‘Mastering Virtual Selling: Orchestrating Sales Success’ provides new techniques to be more proficient at virtual selling and, in turn, create more confident, productive and successful sellers.”

“So much of communication relies on body language and cues that are more difficult to read in a virtual environment. Sales professionals need to master new skills to engage with prospects in a virtual setting to compete at a higher level than their competitors,” said co-author Mark Magnacca, Allego President and Co-founder. “We can’t operate like we did in the past. Sales professionals must learn how to create a personalized, efficient buyer experience that will ‘wow’ prospects and win business.”

“‘Mastering Virtual Selling’ provides sales professionals with the foundation required to master flatscreen selling,” said co-author Tony Jeary. “Readers will learn how to orchestrate front and backstage selling, bring energy to a virtual platform and take action to build rapport among their team and prospects, further developing a salesperson from apprentice to master.”

Mastering Virtual Selling: Orchestrating Sales Success is currently available for purchase (digital) and pre-order (print) on Amazon. The all-in-one guide, intended for sales professionals, including sales reps and their managers, can also be pre-ordered at MasteringVirtualSelling.com.

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