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  January 1, 1970

Allego Powers Virtual Selling with New Digital Sales Rooms

We’re excited to announce the launch of Allego Digital Sales Rooms. This new capability empowers B2B sellers to deliver a modern buying experience that keeps them in the driver’s seat while creating an engaging human-to-human connection with buyers.

Allego provides an all-in-one sales enablement platform that ensures sellers have the skills, knowledge, and content they need to optimize team success in a virtual world.

Allego Digital Sales Rooms offer sales professionals and prospective buyers a secure and collaborative approach to buying and selling. This capability allows reps to centralize and personalize useful resources, including relevant sales collateral, contextual video messages, recorded web meetings and calls, asynchronous presentations, and confidential documents.

With more than 82% of companies planning for the complexity of full-time hybrid workforces, sales teams must transition their interim virtual sales approaches to more permanent models.

According to McKinsey, companies that add the human touch to digital sales achieve 2x the return to shareholders. By equipping teams with tools that are digitally-centric, sellers have the ability to meet buyer demands more accurately and efficiently. Unlike traditional email, phone and video-based communication, Allego Digital Sales Rooms create a more personalized, contextualized and self-directed buyer experience.

“The traditional buying experience often feels like a hunting expedition. Prospective buyers have to track down valuable information, including vendor communications, meeting notes, and key documents in order to inform their decisions,” said Allego Chief Product Officer Andre Black.

“With Allego’s Digital Sales Rooms, we’re taking the drudgery out of both the selling and the buying processes by providing prospective customers with a digital personalized white-glove experience in a collaborative virtual space. It streamlines communication and secures the important information and assets, which brings us one step closer to a painless buyer’s journey. This is the way top sellers will differentiate themselves with prospects, today and in the future.”

Providing Unique Seller and Buyer Experiences

Allego Digital Sales Rooms allows sellers to provide quick answers to important questions and engage buyers throughout the sales process with these six key capabilities:

1. Deploy a secure virtual buying space: Using Digital Sales Rooms, sellers can deploy a dedicated space for housing all content, video conference recordings, and files shared with prospects throughout the course of a deal or account management cycle.

2. Create a branded content experience: Sellers can use templates created by Marketing to deploy the right set of content assets for any given sales scenario, displaying their company’s logo and any applicable privacy statements.

3. Personalize for prospects and accounts: Sellers can personalize the Digital Sales Room with their prospect’s logo and a banner message tailored to the individual deal or account.

4. Maintain the human touch: Sellers can put a face to the experience using personal video messages to “greet buyers at the door” and contextualize assets shared throughout the room.

5. Collaborate with buyers: Sellers can observe which stakeholders are currently in the Digital Sales Room and exchange messages to answer questions, provide context, and convey value while the buyer is using the room.

6. Track engagement: Sellers gain valuable deal intelligence by tracking which stakeholders are engaging with which items in the Digital Sales Room in order to prioritize next best actions.

The Future of Virtual Selling

Buyer expectations have changed. Prospects now demand that sellers facilitate a self-directed buying experience similar to what they encounter as a consumer. The pandemic accelerated the shift to virtual buying, but even as situations return to a semi-normal state, there is a new standard for digital selling that is here to stay.

“We’re already using Allego’s sales content management features, and the introduction of Digital Sales Rooms is going to make it even easier for our reps to collaborate with prospects and customers through one central communication hub,” said Matt Miersen, Senior Manager, Global Sales Enablement, Veritas Technologies.

“Being able to build relationships with buyers when you can’t be together is critical and sending too many emails just prolongs the sales process. Digital Sales Rooms will allow our reps to share all relevant information, including intro videos from the Veritas team, key sales collateral, invitations to events, product information, pricing, demos, and more, all in one place so prospects and customers don’t have to weed through emails and comb through our website to find what they need. In addition to making it easier for our prospects and customers to interact with Veritas, these Digital Sales Rooms will greatly help our various departments internally, such as New Business Sales, the Renewals Team, and Support to consolidate the sharing of information with our buyers.”

Digital Sales Rooms are now available to Allego customers as an optional integrated module within the Allego Sales Learning and Enablement Platform. Select features will ship later this year.

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