Best Practices in HR

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How can we help you better in 2023
Does your position involve sales or marketing of a Human Capital product or service?
Are you SHRM or HRCI Certified
If so, what do you pay now for 40 hours of recertification credits yearly.
Would you be interested in Peer Groups?
Would you pay to be a member of vetted peer group that meets monthly?
Would you find value in being a mentor or mentee?
How much would you pay to have a monthly mentor meeeting?
Would you be interested in trials, discounts, or offers of HR products?
Do you listen to work-related podcasts?
Do you participate in webcasts?
Micro Consulting or Road Mapping to assist or validate your path / planning
Would you be interested in having access to a trainer, consultant or a coach?
If you had a need for a product or service, would you consider having a 15-minute speed meeting with a vetted vendor in exchange for a discount for a premium membership?  In a fact-finding discovery call.
Would a user-friendly directory of products and services be helpful when identifying new products or services.
Do you anticipate company head changes in 2023?
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