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Lori Kleiman
  November 17, 2018

24 Creative Ideas for Boosting Employee Development

Employee development doesn’t always have to be about sending people to a conference or seminar. This list of twenty-four creative ideas will help you think outside of the box when it comes to employee development so you can work towards building a stronger workforce.

Think outside the box! Here are 24 creative #employee development ideas to build a better #workforce!

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24 Creative Ideas for Boosting Employee Development

Building a strong team of employees in your business is much more than just finding the right workers. After recruiting and hiring top talent, a company should always be looking for ways employees can grow and develop their skills within the organization.

Here is a quick video of my thoughts on the importance of going outside the box when it comes to employee development.

Now check out 24 of my favorite ways to provide new, interesting and engaging experiences that help with boosting employee development.

Boosting Employee Development Within Current Job

Doing the same thing day in and day out can make workers complacent. Spice up employee routines and encourage development with some of these creative ideas:

1. Give them new responsibilities within their current position that force them to learn new things.

2. Increase the span of control, allowing them to take charge of more aspects of projects and assignments.

3. Expose them to other functions and roles within the organization so they understand how the different departments interact.

4. Ask them to participate in special projects.

Boosting Employee Development through Taking Ownership

It is important that employees take ownership of their own development. You can, however, encourage workers to take action by suggesting some self-directed activities such as:

5. Reading materials that broaden their skills within and outside of their current position.

6. Exploring research articles related to your company’s industry and market.

7. Joining professional networks or online communities in order to connect with others in similar businesses and positions.

8. Signing up for an online course to expand knowledge. For example, my HR Test Prep course offers a self-study option so your HR team members can learn at their own pace while preparing for the HRCI or SHRM certification.

Boosting Employee Development through External Experiences

Learning should never be restricted to the office. There are plenty of creative development ideas when you look externally, including:

9. Participating in community activities.

10. Engaging in external networking at local or online meetings of like-minded professionals, including mastermind groups.

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11. Joining a professional organization related to their job or your industry.

12. Speaking at various events.

Boosting Employee Development through On-the-Job Training

An employee may excel at the tasks they are currently handling, but by pushing them to the next level, you can provide on-the-job training to prepare them for bigger roles in your organization. Some creative training ideas that fall into this category include:

13. Increasing the scope of their duties by giving them additional responsibilities normally outside their position.

14. Giving them a stretch project assignment where they are asked to think and work outside of their normal area.

15. Assigning them to an organization-wide committee or asking them to lead a special team or a special project.

16. Increasing their visibility to senior management.

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Boosting Employee Development through Individualized Feedback

Employee development and growth requires reflection just as much as it does action-based training. Some methods of individualized feedback include:

17. Individual assessments that explore personality, interests, and strengths, which can help you understand who the worker is and where they will fit best in your organization.

18. 360 feedback, where employees receive confidential feedback about their performance from coworkers, managers, and executive so they can identify and work on their strengths and weaknesses.


19. Individual coaching from someone inside or outside of the organization.

20. Structured mentoring where the employee meets regularly with another seasoned employee who can provide support and feedback.

Boosting Employee Development through Traditional Training Methods

Although they should not be the sole source of employee development, on my list of creative ideas I had to include some of the more traditional training methods such as attending learning events. This can include:

21. Enrolling in training programs aimed at developing a particular skill or knowledge in a specific area.

22. Signing up for a career development course to prepare the employee for the next step up the ladder.

23. Attending seminars, workshops or conferences.

24. Expanding knowledge through online education or joining a certification program. For example, my HR Test Prep course will help your HR team members obtain PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certification, and the live class option gives them access to training materials until they pass their exam!

Successful employee development requires companies to think outside the box when contemplating options for workers. Although traditional training is a part of it, it should not be exclusively about what one-day seminar we can send employees to.

When employee development provides a variety of experiences, it allows employees to internalize their training and accelerate their growth. The best part about these creative ideas is that you can bring them into your organization right away with little cost.


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