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Anup Kejriwal
  January 29, 2020

5 Must Have Communication Features For A Successful Start-Up

Owning a business is never simple, especially during the start-up stage. From establishing a brand to staffing an office, a new business needs every advantage. Thankfully, increased business tools and technology have made accessing resources much easier for enterprising individuals. Our article today focuses on the different communication tools available to new organizations and which features are essential for a successful start-up.


Communication tools come in all shapes and sizes, but the best options allow businesses to customize their overall experience. A successful platform is designed to fit around your needs, not the other way around. When selecting a communication provider, be sure they can adapt at any time. While flexible communication abilities are important for an organization, they are particularly so in a start-up. As your business adapts and grows, communication styles and situations will naturally evolve as well. Your platform should be prepared for every step along your path to start-up success.


Digital file sharing, social networks, and on-the-go communication abilities allow employees to work faster, easier, and more effectively. But with increased access also comes additional security concerns. When reviewing potential communication companies be sure to thoroughly assess their different security experiences and abilities. A start-up, in particular, is vulnerable to security concerns as the organization hires new employees, works odd hours, and finds its footing in the industry. New customers and clients are also at times hesitant to offer start-ups sensitive information and occasionally need a little extra reassurance. A dependable communication platform will not only increase security but also improve trust in your organization.

Collaboration Features

While it might seem obvious, a successful communication platform must include easy to use and intuitive collaboration abilities. Collaboration is a key element of any successful business and start-ups especially depend on every employee contributing and communicating together. Above all, a successful start-up communication platform should foster an environment where employees can easily work together, share ideas, and get things done. While specific collaboration needs will vary of course from business to business, they all generally include real-time communication, easy file exchange, seamless document sharing, and organized work areas. With the right tools, everyone from office workers to remote employees to off-site consultants can communicate and collaborate easily together.

On The Go

Start-ups naturally produce an exciting, fast-paced, and on-the-go environment and they need a communication platform that encourages and supports that setting. Whether you’re meeting with a new client, interviewing a potential employee, off on a business trip, or burning the midnight oil on a last-minute project, you need a program that works with a sometimes unpredictable schedule. Start-up communication software must also be transition instantly from desktop to smart device, allowing employees the freedom to access and connect with coworkers or clients from anywhere and at any time.


Employee engagement is an important part of every business, but for start-ups, it is absolutely essential. During the start-up stage, your company is still new and doesn’t have the perks or advantages available at larger or more established organizations. When employees feel discouraged or frustrated, employee engagement and dedication to your mission will keep them motivated and moving forward. An effective communication platform will enhance employee engagement by connecting everyone together. With a social media inspired intranet, coworkers can send each other rewards and recognitions, learn about teammates, share experiences, and build long-lasting relationships. A good communication platform will also enable supervisors and employers to connect easily with employees and show their appreciation.

Managing a successful start-up takes hard work, discipline, and a lot of effective communication. But with the right tools, everything becomes a lot easier. At MangoApps, we help even the newest companies work effectively and accomplish more together. To learn more about MangoApps and see our products at work contact us or schedule a personalized demo today.