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Lori Kleiman
  November 10, 2018

6 Ways to Restructure HR that Will Boost Your Organization’s Success

No matter how large or small your company is, a skilled HR executive, team or department can greatly impact the success of the organization. Unfortunately, this can’t happen when your HR person is hidden away in some corner office working on mundane daily tasks. To help your HR person blossom into the strategic business leader your company needs, follow these tips to restructure HR for better results.

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6 Ways to Restructure HR in Your Company

Your HR department can do more for your organization! Try these restructuring tips to elevate your HR person or team to a higher, more impactful level within the company.

1. Evaluate What HR Looks Like Today

HR started as an administrative function, based on studies of management in the 1950s that showed that employees are more productive when their manager is paying attention to them. Today it looks a lot different; the roles and duties have expanded greatly. If you want to restructure HR, you must first take time to evaluate the role of HR within your organization, then do some research (reading articles online, talking to other business owners, etc.) to see how others use HR within their companies. This will help you identify the gaps in your operations and the possibilities in front of you.

2. Take Advantage of Technology and Outsourcing

Is the majority of your HR person’s time spent doing tedious administrative duties or manually handling things that could be automated? Review the to-dos in the HR department to see which things could be outsourced and which things have a technological solution. And for other forms, templates, and procedural shortcuts that will make your department more efficient, check out my book HR Hacks!

3. Have HR Report to the CEO

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In some organizations, HR reports to finance or operations. In other companies, HR duties are handled by administrative personnel or an office manager. To get the biggest value out of your HR person, you should restructure HR so that they report directly to the CEO. This ensures that your HR person will not be narrowly focused (on finance, administration, etc.) but rather broadly focused on the overall operation of the business.

4. Invite HR to Critical Business Meetings

Company executives are meeting to discuss equipment upgrades for future production. Or maybe they are gathering to talk about new products to make or markets to enter. Is your HR leader at that meeting? They should be! When you restructure HR, the goal is to make your HR executive a critical business partner that will contribute to and drive corporate goals. They can’t do this if they don’t have a seat at the table.

5. Focus Strategically in a Future-Oriented Manner

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As mentioned, an important way to restructure HR is to pass off as many tasks as possible via outsourcing and technology. This frees up time so the HR team can start thinking strategically about the company. Instead of reacting to problems, they can fix issues before they occur. Instead of reinventing the wheel, they can research best practices and combine them with creative approaches that are unique to your business. To become strategic means moving from a present-oriented department to a future-oriented one.

6. Evaluate Your HR Person/Team/Department

You can do everything possible to restructure HR, but if the right people aren’t in place, you won’t see much impact. If you see complacency or see resources draining without added value, then it’s time to rethink who might be the best person to handle your restructured HR department. If you find someone who shows promise but doesn’t have HR training that is okay! Have them take the necessary steps to get certified in HR. We make it easy with our HR Certification Test Prep Program.

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Your HR department can do more for your business, and many competent HR executives are just waiting to step into a bigger role where they can become business partners helping to guide the business to success. Try these six ways to restructure HR today, and reap the benefits tomorrow.


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