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Dave Rietsema
  February 7, 2018

Could Your Company Benefit from Using an HR Checklist?

HR is one of the most often overlooked areas of a business. While everyone has heard that employees are a business’ most valuable asset, it is rarely discussed that HR is imperative to keeping employees compensated, safe, trained, organized, recruited, and ultimately employed.

A well managed HR department can make all the difference in employee satisfaction and company productivity. It can be hard to keep track of all the moving pieces, however. An HR checklist may be able to help your business in the following ways.

Gives You a 360 Degree View of Your HR Systems

It’s hard to figure out exactly what to look for when reviewing your HR systems. An HR checklist assists you with diving deep into your HR systems in order to figure out how different areas are managed. You may discover insights that you would have never found without the direction provided by a well thought out checklist.

Allows You to Identify Housekeeping Needs

Needs transform into simple unchecked boxes when you use a checklist to evaluate your HR processes. While you may feel that recruitment and hiring are well managed within your company, you may discover that your applications ask irrelevant questions or that your company fails to track cost per hire. Identifying small areas that need improvement can also make it seem that much easier to get your systems in order.

Can Uncover Patterns

Using an HR checklist to sort through your HR processes may help you to uncover patterns that provide actionable insights. For example, if you notice that departing employees regularly cite a lack of development opportunity as a reason for leaving and this complaint is confirmed by your evaluation of training systems, you may be able to reduce turnover by improving the way that training is executed.

Takes the Stress Out of Analysis

Trying to figure out where your HR department is going wrong and separate that from what it’s doing right can be stressful. An HR checklist simplifies your analysis by breaking it down into manageable chunks and taking the guesswork out of it. Since all you have to do is check the box or leave it blank at this stage of the game, you can save your brainpower for later.

Provides a Set of Expectations for HR Professionals

The great thing about an HR checklist is that it’s reusable. Not only can an employer or manager use it to evaluate HR systems, HR professionals can use it to regularly check in and ensure that expectations are being met. HR professionals can also use it to set deadlines for improvements in applicable areas and work steadily towards checking all of the boxes.

Assists with Compliance

An HR checklist can be constantly revised and made more specific to ensure continuous compliance with all applicable laws. This can help to keep all managers and HR professionals up to date with compliance needs, bolstering communication in these areas.

An HR checklist is easy to use and can make a big difference in the way that your HR department functions. Consider using one to optimize your HR processes.

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