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Mitchell Starc
  February 7, 2019

Do You Need a Degree to Work in HR?

Are you planning to go for a human resource management career but without the degree? Well, let’s see how much chance you got there. Human resource management jobs are usually the most considered jobs for people who are not really fond of studying or need to get in the professional life as soon as possible due to financial constraints. Regardless of the reason, the main concern we have here is whether or not we can start HR job without the degree.

Consider your situation first

First and foremost, analyze the situation. Do you want to start the career because of the financial issues or because you simply do not want to study anymore. If the answer is latter, then you really need to rethink about your life choices. Education is important whether it aligns with your career line or not. Get enrolled in an easy course and at least get a diploma equivalent to a professional degree. Education is really important to improve the person’s way of approach towards different things and his mentality. However, it is always a personal preference and you can start your career directly without a degree as well.

HR career – is degree necessary?

Coming back to the point of whether a degree is necessary for the HR job or not. Usually beginner and intermediate level jobs in the human resource management do not require the degree as compared to the higher position. You can easily apply for the internship in HR department as well as all the other beginner level positions if you do not have a degree.

At beginners and intermediate levels, the employers do not really consider the degree. The convincing factor for these positions is the experience and the required sills in the field. Therefore, if you do not have a proper degree in business management hen you can still apply for the HR related positions at almost all the major firms.

However, for the senior and expert level positions like HR manager, the companies do consider the degrees. Human resource management is a proper management job; and that also a tough one since humans have different kind of personalities. Therefore, the manager needs to have proper skills and techniques to be able o properly handle the people and the human resource in the company.

Employers usually consider the candidates with a proper professional degree for the higher positions of HR because four years of education definitely teach a student a lot of things which a non-degree holder might not know in the first place. Additionally, during the degree programs students are also given excellent opportunities to work at some multinational companies in the form of internships. This enhances and increases the knowledge of every student quite a lot which is a positive point for all the companies. That is why candidates with a degree are given more preference for managerial positions in the firms.

Are you bound due to something?

Are you bound to not get a degree due to financial problems or any other issues? Following are some of the things that you can do in such case.

  • Try to get scholarship and study at a mid-level college to get the degree in business management.
  • Start working part-time at stores and you can even try to get in their administrative department to get the relevant experience for future.
  • Get a beginner level job at any reputable firm and start collecting money. Once you have sufficient amount collected, get enrolled in any college for an equivalent diploma or even the degree if possible.
  • You can also take student loan to finance your education until you are capable enough to finance it yourself.

HR jobs are usually achieved on the basis of experience and skills. If you have enough amount of experience and all the relevant skills then you can easily land a HR job. On the other hand, to acquire managerial positions at reputable firms you need to have a professional degree to be able to manage large groups of people.