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Michael Haberman
  March 2, 2019

How incentive travel program can boost your employee’s productivity: A guest post

Motivating your employees is hard work.

Even if you have a team that’s willing to put in the work and understands the importance of staying the course, ensuring that the dedication doesn’t waver is a task that many companies struggle with.

However, there are methods that have proven to be very effective at increasing employee productivity and maintaining it for extended periods of time.

Namely, incentive travel programs have shown to be a great way to get the most out of each employee and achieve a significant productivity boost in the process.

But how exactly can an incentive travel program help to achieve that?

Well, here are five ways that incentive travel can directly contribute to an increase in your company’s productivity, and in turn, the bottom line as well.

Give a Personal Incentive to Give their Full Effort

As the name implies, incentive travel is all about [incentivizing] employees to try harder and do their best to ensure that the company’s goals and targets are met.

So, regarding productivity, the most apparent reason why incentive travel brings results is the simple fact that you provide your employees with a reward for their efforts as an addition to their salary.

What’s more, incentive travel isn’t just a bonus – it has a certain excitement factor as well. Going on an intriguing trip because you helped the company reach its goals is a very appealing proposition to many people, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your employees excited, given that you take the time to plan a good trip with professional event planners in London.

Improve Teamwork

One of the most critical factors of a company’s success is the employees being able to function as a cohesive unit that’s working towards the same goals.

And with incentive travel, you can provide your employees with additional reasons to try and overcome obstacles by working together, which can help them to find more effective means of working together and communicating.

No matter how well-established your office teamwork practices, in the end, the productivity of your staff comes down to making an effort to share information and help each other.

Luckily, with conference and incentive travel programs, you can ensure that employees will have all the motivation that they need to help each other solve any issues that stand in the way of achieving goals, and build relationships that can last far beyond the incentive journey itself.

Establish Clear Goals

Sometimes, incentive travel can contribute to a significant increase in productivity by helping to [crystalize] the most important goals that the company wants to accomplish.

Since many projects and tasks happen simultaneously, it may not always be entirely clear where the company’s priorities are. But if you establish an incentive travel program to accomplish specific tasks or reach goals, that clearly shows that these are the most essential tasks that should be [emphasized] and pushed to the top of the agenda.

That’s why you should ensure that the goals of your incentive travel program are the ones that matter the most to the company, as it’s likely that employees will focus a lot of their effort and time on attaining them.

Help Hardworking Employees Feel Appreciated

One of the worst things for company culture is hardworking employees not feeling appreciated and rewarded for their efforts. If they see that it doesn’t matter how hard they try and that worse-performing employees get the same treatment, it will be hard for them to stay motivated, especially if there’s no way to know if the work is even noticed.

That’s why incentive travel programs can be so useful – they establish clear rules and ensure that every employee that reaches the goals will be noticed and rewarded.

This will not only increase the overall productivity in your office but will also help you discover the most hardworking and talented employees that may be a good fit for higher positions in the company.

If you can structure your incentive travel rules in a way that encourages teamwork, you may even be able to discover potential new leaders in the company that could be promoted to managerial positions and groomed to take on a more prominent role in the company’s future.

And during your incentive of team activities in London, you’ll be able to improve the bond between your employees further and gain even more long-lasting benefits for your office culture.

Anticipated Break after Completing Task

When you’re in the middle of a tough project, trying to push through and make it happen, it can sometimes seem like there’s no end to the work in sight.

But if you know that you can look forward to an exciting trip with your co-workers once you complete the project, that can help keep things in perspective and stay motivated, even when there are tough situations that need to be dealt with.

You’d be surprised how effective incentive travel can be at helping employees maintain a positive attitude and tackle challenges with enthusiasm, instead of getting bogged down and doubting if it’s even worth to try.

Additionally, the common goal and the potential of the incentive travel reward can unite your team and keep morale up in the group. If you choose a trip that generates excitement and gets people talking in anticipation, you can be sure that they’ll remind themselves that going the extra mile for the company is worth it because the efforts will be rewarded.

Today’s post is authored by Sarah Hill. She is a content writer at Seven Events Ltd – one of the leading event management companies in the UK. She started her career in the events industry almost a decade ago; as time progressed, she became an avid event blogger sharing her insight on corporate event planning. 

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