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Lori Kleiman
  September 26, 2019

How Utilizing HR Technology Can Benefit Your Employees

The use of technology to make companies more efficient and productive is on the rise in the modern business world. The most successful businesses are often those that make it a priority to keep pace and modernize their practices as innovation continues to bring newer, better digital tools into the mix. In particular, utilizing tech solutions in your company’s human resource (HR) department can not only influence your level of success overall, but it can also make your individual employees’ work experience significantly more positive. If your HR technology strategy is a little behind the times and you’re in need of encouragement to bring it fully into the present, here are a few ways that incorporating tech tools into your team’s practices can benefit you and your staff.

The onboarding process can run more smoothly

Proper onboarding of new talent can be an important part of their ability to perform their jobs at the expected level of excellence. If a substantial amount of your company’s onboarding process is still being completed manually, it’s likely things will run more slowly than they would if tech tools were integrated into the process and it can take longer for new hires to become fully productive members of the company.

Many HR software solutions offer talent management modules that can streamline the onboarding process and simplify performance management as new hires increase their contributions to the company’s workflow. By making technology that can assist with onboarding an integral fixture within your HR department, it can be easier to keep track of new employee information and ensure they’re progressing through the training provided for their respective positions at a sufficient pace.

Employee data can be stored more securely

One of the best things your HR team can do for your employees is to keep their personal information safe. Human resource departments have access to important details about employees’ lives, like their finances, insurance plans, and other private aspects of their identities. For the sake of your staff’s wellbeing, it’s essential to protect that information from cyberattacks.

Technology solutions that provide predictive analytics to prevent data breaches at your company can be one effective way to offer added protection to your employees. Tools powered by machine learning can monitor unusual network activity and detect potential threats to enhance your company’s ability to safeguard the storage of your employees’ data. The safer you’re able to keep your staff’s private information, the more they’ll be able to perform their jobs with a sense of security and peace of mind.

Automation can create additional time and resources

The purpose of many digital solutions for HR professionals is to automate lower-level aspects of your team’s workload so they have the flexibility to focus on higher priority tasks, like engaging with employees and tending to their individual needs. Time management is a vital skill for anyone to have in an optimized workplace, and enabling your HR staff to manage their time more efficiently by removing the need to manually complete “busy work” tasks can reduce stress for members of your HR team as well as the other employees with whom they interact.

Time management is a vital skill for anyone to have in an optimized workplace.

In addition to freeing up time for employees, automation can also improve your HR department’s capacity for proper resource management. If company resources were being allocated toward specific HR tasks that are now being automated, those resources can now be redistributed to areas of the company where they’ll be more useful and provide necessary aid to employees in other departments. 

Communication can become more effective

If you want your company to maximize productivity across departments, active communication is essential. Implementing HR tools into your business structure that encourage and facilitate employee discourse can help to keep your staff more engaged and well-informed, thereby improving their ability to do their work effectively.

HR chatbots, for example, can make it simpler for employees with human resource-related questions to be directed to the proper resources in a timely manner.  While it may be a while before they come to the smaller organizations, they are coming!  Don’t fight it.  Your HR staff will be able to devote more of their attention to more complicated or nuanced issues that your employees encounter day to day when they are available. This, in turn, can help your staff feel as though their needs are being adequately supported and allow them to further enjoy their experience working for your company.

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