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Leslie Campos
  April 15, 2021

Important ‘How-To’ Things Every New Mom-Entrepreneur Should Know

If you are currently a stay-at-home mom, you’ve likely tossed around the idea of starting your own business at some point. Becoming an entrepreneur is a great way to supplement your income or replace an income lost due to parenthood or other factors. And while there’s no singular pathway to business ownership that makes sense for everyone, there are a few things that all mom-entrepreneurs should know how to do. These include:

How to reach new customers.

Whether you are a startup brick-and-mortar or plan to offer services from the comfort of home, your customers are what pay the bills. To get new customers, start by reaching out to your friends, family, or former coworkers. You never know who will need your services or know someone that does. You can also turn to social media, which the Grasshopper blog explains will increase your online presence. Considering that the vast majority of consumers utilize online commerce at some point, being visible online is crucial for your success.

How to show recognition for good work.

Best Practice In Human Resources has touched on unrecognized accomplishments before as a top motivation killer for employees. As your small business grows, you will have happier and more productive employees if you learn how to show recognition for a job well done. This does not have to be anything major, and even something as simple as an afternoon off or a shout-out on your company’s social media page will inspire loyalty.

How to create a business plan.

All small businesses can benefit from having a business plan in place. This is essentially a document that outlines your goals and how you plan to achieve them. Having a business plan in place will help you make better spending decisions, lower your risks, and help set milestones. If you’ve never drafted a business plan before, look online for business plan services that can create one for you. Your business plan service should be able to provide you with previous customer reviews or recommendations as well as your cost and initial completion time up front.

How to balance work and family.

The idea of having a work/life balance as a mom is a difficult concept to grasp. Perhaps a better descriptor is work/life integration. When you own your own business, you are responsible for that business 100% of the time. When you have kids, you are responsible for them 100% of the time. Look for ways to balance both worlds. You might, for example, answer emails after the children go to bed or schedule meetings from your phone while you breastfeed. Although you must pull away sometimes for vacations and family events, you’ll feel much less stressed out if you just give yourself permission to focus on both when they demand your attention.

How to create sustainable growth.

When you own a business, your goal is almost always growth. Getting to where you want to be without sacrificing quality for your existing or future customers is crucial. Business Town asserts that sustainable growth is a matter of understanding profitability and how to scale. You’ll also want to make sure that you have the right people in your corner that can handle business on your behalf. If you grow too quickly, you risk missing out on important steps along the way to creating the success you crave.

Being a mom and being a business owner are both full-time jobs that require you to be ready at a moment’s notice. As a parent, you pretty much have to learn as you go. The same is true as a business owner; however, there are a few things you can learn to help you become a master of your professional and personal domains. From writing a business plan and creating sustainable business growth to reaching new customers and finding the ever-elusive balance between your work and home life, the tips listed above can help you be the best in both of these roles.