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Lori Kleiman
  January 20, 2020

Real Examples of How HR Certification Can Advance Your Career

While speaking at the SHRM conference in Illinois, the audience had a great conversation about the value of human resources certification that is worth sharing! Here’s what some real HR professionals have to say about getting their HR Certification and how it impacted their careers.

One of the most impactful insights shared by the vast majority of the group was that HR Certification was instrumental in helping them get their current position. It also helped to add to the credibility they had at their organization’s leadership table. There was one gentleman in the group who felt certification hadn’t done much for him. He was in the banking industry and stated that the bank was so highly regulated he wasn’t allowed to show his credentials, and the team wasn’t interested unless it was a bank certification. Okay, we can live with that as our exception!

Using HR Certification to Secure Your Next Human Resource Position

The idea of certification helping you get your next human resources position is very real. In looking at countless HR job postings, we see that there is a preference for those that are certified. Being certified tells your future employer that you are committed to the field and you know at least the basics. Through conversations with many employers, there is, however, no real preference between SHRM or HRCI certification. There may be individual preferences, but most employers are happy to see any of the four major certifications on a resume. One of the attendees said that she wasn’t certified when she was hired, but they insisted that she receive her Senior designation within 12 months. Best part… they paid for the class and the test!

HR Certification Equals Credibility

Credibility is key when it comes to HR Certification. Certification shows people inside your organization that you know the HR basics and are in a position to provide advice and guidance. Being certified sends the important message that you know compliance and understand how to apply compliance in business situations.

As an example, check out this story and interview from the SHRM website on Nida Kirati.

nida kirati - shrm hr certification interview

Photo courtesy of SHRM

Nida Kirati already had 20 years of experience in HR and operations management for multinational companies in the U.S. and Asia when she accepted a position that, for the first time in her career, focused solely on HR. Kirati’s plans for advancement were stymied, however, when her HR qualifications were questioned—also for the first time in her career. SHRM interviewed Nida about getting certified in order to regain momentum in her career. Check out the full interview HERE. It’s a true testament to the power of HR Certification.

How HR Certification Impacted the Career of Julie D’Ante, SPHR

I’d like to share a story about a woman who wanted to get into an HR Generalist role and how certification helped her career.

Julie D’Ante, SPHR, was a well-respected trainer at Citibank for many years. She was living in the suburbs of Chicago and had two small children. She decided she wanted to be home with her kids and left the workforce. After six years, Julie knew it was time to go back to work, but she wanted to be sure that she was available for her family. She found a part-time role in a small consulting organization as an HR Generalist. The organization required any consultants who wanted to be in direct contact with clients, to be certified to show that they were committed to the field of HR and credible. Julie studied for the exam with her new team and passed on the first try! With her new HR certification, she was able to handle consulting clients, which paid a 30% commission in addition to her generalist role.

Julie stayed in that role as she was able to balance work and family beautifully. Now that her children are grown, she is the Vice President of Human Resources at a Chicago bank with three direct reports! Julie was able to secure this new role last year due to her experiences as a consultant, none of which would have been possible without certification.

It seems almost every field today has a certification of one kind or another. As human resources continues to make inroads to leadership, we know from research, C-suite preferences and ad-hoc conversations that to drive your HR career forward to one that is leadership oriented and meaningful, certification is a key differentiator to have on your resume.

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