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Dave Rietsema
  September 16, 2019

The Benefits of Millennial Employees

Everyone’s heard the stereotypes about Millennials: they’re entitled, they’re killing off industries, they’re apathetic, and they’re addicted to social media. None of these sound like good employees to have on your workforce. However, the truth about Millennials is actually very different from the stereotypes.

Studies have shown that they’re actually very ambitious, hard workers who can be an asset to any company they work for. You may already employ many Millennials. They make up almost 50% of the current workforce. As previous generations begin to retire, that number will only increase.

They’re Highly Educated

The Millennial generation is a highly educated one. It’s actually the most-educated generation currently in the workforce. The majority have graduated from college and many went on to higher education as well as improving their skill sets. This education can be put to good use for your company, as Millennials have proven that they’re willing to learn.

They’re Trainable

Younger employees are, compared to older employees, more trainable. They have fewer entrenched work habits that may need to be retrained. They’re also more recently out of school, so they’re generally more open to learning. It’s essential to have a good employee training program in place so you can take advantage of new employees’ willingness to learn. You can make sure to build skills within your workforce that will be most useful to your company.

They Bring New Perspectives

Having younger employees is a benefit to any company because they’ll bring different perspectives to the table. If your company is trying to reach a younger audience, then having employees in the same demographic can help. Millennials are especially known for thinking out of the box, which can generate new ideas and fresh marketing that resonates with new audiences.

They Embrace Technology

Most Millennials will have grown up with technology and are comfortable using it in their day-to-day lives. Many will be happy to use their own mobile devices for work or will come into the workforce already very comfortable using a computer. Learning new technology and software will come more easily to them, so there may be less training before they’re ready to use it. For example, if your HRIS has an employee portal, Millennial employees may be more comfortable using its mobile app or online employee portal than asking HR staff.

They’re Loyal

While many think that Millennials don’t have the same loyalty to a company that their predecessors did, that’s not necessarily the case. Millennials will be loyal to a company that values and trusts them, that will provide them with opportunities to grow and learn. Many are looking for flexibility and for a work-life balance. Millennials can be just as loyal to a company that shows it cares for them.

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