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How to make objectives and key results work for your company

As an HR professional, you’ve probably heard what the critics have to say: Performance reviews are subject to bias, have unclear objectives, and risk making feedback a yearly event rather than a continuous check into organizational culture.

And yet, performance reviews can be a source of key company data. When structured thoughtfully, they influence business development and net profits, give employees a chance to share and receive valuable feedback, and improve job satisfaction and turnover rates — all of which impact your company’s bottom line.

So how do you ensure performance reviews are effective and impactful, both for your employees and your business? How can you create a review process with clear objectives and less bias, built on a foundation of continuous feedback? And how do you do all of that while still maximizing participation rate and making the process as unintimidating as possible?

Download this ebook to learn how the value of proper reviews and how they can link to increased productivity, less turnover and better engagement.

HR's Complete Guide to Employee Performance Reviews



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