Best Practices in HR

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Genevieve Piturro Talks about finding your passion, an amazing story you will enjoy for sure.  Watch Here

CJ Gross CEO of Ascension Worldwide and David Whitmarsh talk DEI  Watch Here

Ginger Sloan and David Whitmarsh talk about helping women succeed.  Watch Here

Tamica Sears and David Whitmarsh have a great conversation!  Watch Here

Libby Robinson, Managing Partner of Integral, and David Whitmarsh have some fun around leadership  Watch Here

Meet Jennifer Ledet, wonderful conversation about following your goals and empowerment Watch Here

Debbie Gisonni and David Whitmarsh speak!  How to take back your life.  Watch Here

Francie Jain and David discuss coaching and how more people can benefit from it.  Watch Here

Michael Zroback and David Whitmarsh Discuss “The 6 Conversations Every Manager Should Have.”  Watch Here

Henry Glicken and David Whitmarsh Chat about Sales Recruiting Watch Here

You want energy and vision, meet Jill Tupper  Watch Here

Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman shares her book details and vision. Great story!  Watch Here

Amy Spurling, C0-Founder and CEO of Compt  Watch Here

CEO interview with Steve Long.  Great scientific work and excellence for driving performance.  Watch Here

CEO conversation with Yuri Kruman  Watch Here

CEO conversation with Don Phin on HR Trends  Watch Here

CEO interview with WorkTango’s CEO Rob Catalano Watch Here

CEO interview with Emma Weber, Lever – Transfer of Learning Watch Here