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Michael Haberman
  June 27, 2018

3 Social Media Recruiting Strategies

Recruiting is a vital part of a company’s success. Whether it be for a short-term project, permanent placement or just an interim solution, hiring the top talent ensures that business is continually productive, growing and successful. But what’s the best way to find the top talent without exhausting too many resources?

According to research done by BetterTeam, 48 percent of CEO’s say they have lost money due to inefficient recruiting, and nowadays more than 70 percent of hiring managers have successfully found candidates through social media. With such a large audience and backed by efficient searching technologies, social media is a great tool to employ people. Take a look at the best strategies to utilize social media when hiring.

Establish Your Company Well

The first step to attracting the best candidates is cleaning up your company profiles on social media, and ensuring that you’re promoting the brand effectively. The top talent in the market are going to know their worth and will want to work for the best, so make sure your social presence relays all your company has to offer. Whether it’s LinkedIn, or even other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, put valuable information about your company’s offerings to employees, and make sure all content including photos and posts are up to scratch. Take a look at what other successful companies do and then follow suit. For example, on their LinkedIn page, global direct selling company Amway has detailed information about the company, its products, and its career opportunities, with high-quality photos, videos, and links to portray its professionalism.

Spread the Word

To attract the top talent, you have to make sure that they are aware of your job opening. What better way to do this then to hop on popular social media platforms where most people are looking? Don’t just post your job opening on job boards and your company career page, promote it across all social profiles to ensure the words gets out. This way, not only do all your followers get to know about your job, but you will get in front many passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job but would still be a great fit for your position.

Target the Candidates

With Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn being the top platforms for recruiting, it’s beneficial that they all have capabilities for paid targeted posts. When posting your job ads, employ the paid capabilities to narrow down the audience by location, behaviors, likes and dislikes and other demographics so you know the right people are seeing it. This makes your recruiting efforts much more efficient. You can also invest in a premium account on LinkedIn made especially for finding talent; there are different tiers depending on how often you need it. Once you have it, you’ll be able to use advanced search filters and be able to message people instantly.

Due to the power and reach of social media, it can be a great tool to recruit top talent for your company. Take advantage of the platforms and use these tips to formulate an effective social strategy that will not only help you find the best candidates but make your whole hiring process more efficient.

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