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  January 1, 1970

3 Strategies for Recruiting Top Talent in Today’s Hiring Space

As society begins to recover from the impact of the pandemic and life starts to return to normal, recruiters are faced with attracting and recruiting top talent when the competition over candidates is fierce. In today’s hiring space, a lack of available and qualified talent means hiring managers need to enlist new strategies for beating out other recruiters. 

But, the good news is that you don’t need to entirely reinvent the wheel when it comes to modern recruitment strategies. Rather, all it takes is tweaking your existing strategies and investing in a more enjoyable and flexible candidate experience. So, read on for tips to help you create an engaging and successful hiring process that will help you land the best talent available.

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Meet Candidates Where They Are

Today’s job seekers use a plethora of career sites, social media platforms, and talent exchange networks to find and apply for jobs. What’s more, many candidates today want a job application process that is quick, simple, and able to be done from anywhere. So what does this mean for you, the recruiter? 

Whenever possible, aim for quick apply functionality or mobile applications. This will help you reach out to a broader pool of talent and help ensure you avoid a lengthy application process that discourages people from applying. Recruiters would also benefit from utilizing numerous social media platforms and career sites to attract and hire top talent. Make sure to post job postings across all sites that you utilize to be sure that potential applicants see and interact with your posts.

Did you know: Roughly 79% of the working population won’t see your job posting? Expand the sites and networks you promote open positions on to better reach this demographic.

Find A Structure That Encourages Top Talent To Stay

There’s no denying that Covid-19 has transformed the way we do business. First, people had to adjust to working from home quickly, and the perks of being in the office were replaced promptly by the benefits of a flexible work environment. While there were undoubtedly some hiccups along the way, most organizations found solid ground to rebuild their frameworks. At the same time, their employees clocked in from their home office, couches, and kitchen tables. 

Now, after having had a taste of the freedom and flexibility that comes with remote or flex work formats, it’s clear that employees want some of these freedoms to stay. 

While a fully remote format might not work for every business, employers can work with their teams to find ways to implement some more ownership of what their work experience is like. Maybe the best option for you and your team is to have a flex work schedule, where part of the week is done in the office, and the other part is done from home. Maybe your employees want a bit more flexibility with what time they get their tasks done in a day. In 2021, a great competitive advantage for recruiting is offering support and tools for employees to create a healthy work-life balance.

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Focus On The Candidate Experience

We’ve said it before, and we will continue to say it again — providing a stellar candidate experience is crucial for you to succeed when it comes to recruiting. 

The candidate experience can make or break your ability to attract and hire top talent. When you fail to provide the resources, tools, and support necessary to have an efficient and enjoyable application process, you risk losing out on highly qualified candidates. Not only can you lose out on a great applicant, but 72% of candidates who have had a poor application experience are likely to share that experience with others. This means that your employer reputation is at risk of taking a hit, and as we all know, bad news can travel quickly.

Did you know: 60% of job seekers would abandon an application if the process is too lengthy or complex. Keep your process simple; it benefits everybody!

To avoid this potential trouble, recruiters need to invest in a positive candidate experience. What does this look like? A positive candidate experience engages with candidates the moment they interact with your job posting and nurtures them throughout every step of the hiring process. Your application process needs to be simple. You need to ensure you maintain consistent communication with applicants to explain what they can expect regarding responsiveness and procedures clearly. Remember — it’s always better to overcommunicate than it is to leave a candidate wondering what comes next.

Looking Towards The Future

After a year of sudden changes and unexpected adjustments, recruiters are ready to ramp up their hiring efforts and stack their teams with the best talent on the market. While the fight for talent will be tough, there are some quick and easy ways you can tighten up your strategy before you dive in. With the right processes in place, you and your hiring team can easily nudge out the competition when it comes to attracting and recruiting top talent. 

Our team of experts is here to help you recruit and build a strong, qualified team. By utilizing our science-backed pre-employment assessments, you can be sure that your new hire is up for the job and a good fit with your organization’s culture. To learn more about our Caliper Profile and other personality assessments, reach out to our team and see how we can help you build a better, more qualified team


The post 3 Strategies for Recruiting Top Talent in Today’s Hiring Space first appeared on Caliper Corporation.

The post 3 Strategies for Recruiting Top Talent in Today’s Hiring Space appeared first on Caliper Corporation.