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  September 9, 2022

Creatively Advertise Your Job Opening: 7 Mind-blowing Ideas

When the right candidate is matched with their true calling, no one can stop the company from benefitting! Increased productivity, better performance, and greater employee satisfaction – everything will fall into place.

But here’s the catch, an ideal candidate won’t come by walking towards you! You’ll have to make the efforts to recruit the correct person with proper recruitment marketing techniques. Read on to find out how.

How to Advertise a Job?

There’s competition everywhere, even in the recruitment industry. Everyone wants the best talent to themselves. Hence, to attract a candidate, advertising a job properly is crucial. Here are some ways where you can improve your visibility and stand more chances of grabbing the right individual:

1.    Take Help from Online Job Sites

The online world is a sea of opportunities for you to dive in and explore all the right candidates. Since the advancement of the internet, individuals have sought options on the net. Even job seekers are available in abundance. Therefore, even you should take advantage.

Take the help of online job portals like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, etc. Start a hiring campaign. Sponsor your job posting to expand its reach. Keep your job account up to date. Regularly send connection requests to potential candidates and keep your job advertisements simple.

With consistency, you’ll find the correct candidate.

2.    Don’t Forget the Old-school Charm

Yes, today the entire world has digitalized. But amid this, no one has forgotten the traditional job-seeking methods – the local newspapers and flyers!

Creating hype through newspapers is equally important. Pay for a spot in it to attract potential candidates. Moreover, you can even distribute flyers with the company name and description.

Add job description, requirements, and the benefits you’ll provide the candidate with. This way, you can sell the opening to the best possible candidate and not waste your time.

3.    Give Utmost Importance to the Job Description

The perfect job description exists when you don’t leave your candidate wondering what exactly you offer. When the job seeker reads the entire description, they should understand what kind of requirements you are looking for and whether they’re ideal for it.

Curate a well-structured, detailed, and clear description that highlights what they’ll do during their course, what qualities they should possess, whether you’re looking for fresher or experienced professionals, and what salary range you offer. Keep the requirement section short but up to the point by including at least five to seven points.

4.    Consider Participating in Job Fairs

A job fair is another traditional job-seeking method and a staple of recruitment! You’ll have a wide choice of candidates to select when you participate in job fairs. Similarly, even your competition will be in a wide variety.

To stand out from other companies, present a positive aura. Showcase good company culture. Hold competitions, give prizes, and create the best company image. If you’re seeking candidates for a creative role, ensure that you hold a contest that can showcase their creative abilities to the maximum potential.

Every job seeker is looking for a progressive and happy workplace. So, take advantage of this and be in the good light as much as possible!

5.    Conduct University Seminars

While this completely depends on what level of experience you are searching for, we believe giving fresh graduates a chance is worth it!

Hiring fresher is extremely beneficial for you as you’ll be saving money and training them will be easier since you can mold their minds in whichever way you want. Moreover, the company will be on a path to long-term success by developing a good ratio of inexperienced and experienced employees.

Contact local universities and advertise your company in the best manner. This way, you’ll catch great talents before anyone else can grab them!

6.    Turn to Social Media

The world is going social, so what’s holding you back? Just because you’re a business doesn’t mean social media is not for you! In fact, companies benefit the most when they have a great social media presence.

Take advantage of the biggest online space and promote your job opening the way you want! This cost-effective way is excellent for interacting with job seekers, building positive relationships, and creating an opportunity to attract valuable talent.

Make official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handle and communicate with your audience. One way to get started is by showcasing your work culture, the hierarchical structure, the potential benefits of working in your company, etc.

7.    Make Use of Email

Connecting with professionals via email allows you to grab the top talent and build relationships with different professionals.

Go ahead, make use of the wonderful service! Use your pool of professional networks and spread the news about job openings. However, don’t just randomly send emails. Make them short and informational. It should hold the necessary details like your company name, job title, description, requirements, and application link.


When you create your job openings, don’t forget to advertise on top job portals. Give the candidate a glimpse of what they’ll be entering into if they get selected. Get them excited to work with you! That’s what will attract them to apply.

If you want the odds to work in your favor, include these creative ways in your job posting advertising strategy.

Author Bio

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager for Jobsoid – Applicant Tracking System. She is responsible for leading the content and social media teams at work. Her expertise and experience in the field of HR enable her to create value-driven content for her readers – both on Jobsoid’s blog and other guest blogs where she publishes content regularly.