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Jason Moreau
  January 1, 1970

Epicor Uses Survale to Drive Recruitment Operations

Epicor Software Corporation drives business growth, providing flexible, industry-specific software to the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industries. With customers in 150 countries and operations on five continents, Epicor requires a strong supply of experienced and highly skilled candidates to continue to grow and to keep its global recruitment operations functioning at the highest levels.

Epicor’s internal recruitment function is concentrated in the U.S. with smaller operations in Canada, Mexico, EMEA, India and APAC. Embracing the challenges presented by global recruitment of highly trained and specialized workforce across five continents, Shane Hicks, Epicor’s Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition developed an operations team within Epicor’s own recruitment function.

To that end, Shane created the role of Global Recruiting Operations Analyst and appointed Nicole Keller. The purchase of a licence to the Survale platform was Shane and Nicole’s first technology acquisition as part of the operations team. “My world is data and strategy focused,” said Nicole. “And Survale fits right in to support the data and strategy piece.”

Epicor feedback drives recruitment operationsIn our latest case study, Hicks, Keller and the Epicor recruiting team detail how they’ve used candidate, recruiter and hiring manager feedback to hire more effectively and manage recruitment operations.

Through their use of Survale, Epicor has uncovered the kind of feedback that has helped them achieve faster times to hire, greater alignment between recruitment and hiring managers and increased candidate satisfaction. And they are just getting started!

Survale was integrated to their Taleo Enterprise ATS and configured to automatically gather feedback from candidates while they interact with Epicor’s career site, as well as at interview and declined offer stages of their hiring process. Once a recruiter moves candidates to these stages in their ATS, Survale sends a feedback request to the candidate.

Once a requisition is closed, Survale also automatically sends a feedback request to the recruiter and hiring manager to gather feedback about the requisition and how well each served the other in the process of hiring.

Keller uses Survale’s analytics to diagnose issues in the hiring process and ensure recruiters and hiring managers are aligned around finding and hiring the best talent. 

These Survale case studies are full of solid practices that can transform recruiting in your organization. Take a moment now to download Epicor’s story (no registration required).

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