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David Whitmarsh
  October 24, 2023

How to Make Your Hiring Process More Inclusive

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Whether you’re looking to fill a single position or an entire team, your hiring process should reflect the company’s diversity and the needs of your community and
. With the right mix of candidates, you can establish and maintain an inclusivework environment that benefits everyone, from your clients to your employees to your business. Today, Best Practice in Human Resources shares some ways to help foster an environment in which everyone who wants to work hard can do so, regardless of background.

Diversify Your Teams

Creating a diverse workforce should be a priority for any business owner or manager. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also has several benefits. A more diverse workforce can lead to improved innovation and increased productivity. Diverse teams can also help you better understand and serve your customer base and tap into new markets. Plus, as a study from Top Design Firms found, customers appreciate a company that values diversity. Hiring locally can help you build strong relationships with the community and support the local economy. 

Increase Local Hires

Hire more local freelancers instead of working with large agencies, such as Upwork. You’ll get a pool of workers
with diverse backgrounds. Offer opportunities to individuals who might not have time for full-time employment. These can be people with disabilities or single parents. Before making your hiring decision, consider people from all walks of life to make your company
as inclusive as possible, and keep an open mind when you’re interviewing potential employees.

You can also provide job opportunities to individuals often excluded from the hiring pool, such as senior citizens and veterans. Having a diverse staff with varied experiences
and backgrounds will make you feel good knowing you’ve done the right thing.

Offer Mentorship in Marginalized Communities

Providing young people from marginalized communities with productive ways to spend time and positive role models with mentors and internship programs can help break the cycle of poverty and exclusion. It can also lead to a more diverse and inclusive workforce, which benefits businesses greatly. Get started by partnering with organizations that work with these communities or by offering opportunities through your own company.

Add Accessibility Considerations 

One way to make your hiring process
more inclusive is to
ensure that your workplace is accessible for people with different abilities. This can be anything from providing wheelchair ramps to having large print versions of job descriptions available. Making accommodations will help you diversify your candidate pool and create a better impression of your company.

Keep in mind that wheelchair accommodations are
one aspect of accessibility, while walkability might appeal to those with vision loss and have service dogs. If you’re fortunate enough to run a business in an area with a high Walk Score, which
measures the walkability of any given location, there are plenty of opportunities for these employees to get outside on their breaks. Be sure to mention this in your recruiting plan and on your website.

Consider Your Recruiting Strategies

There are many ways you can make your hiring process more inclusive and welcoming to diverse candidates. Gem suggests creating an inclusive job description that welcomes applicants with varied backgrounds and experiences. Cut language in your job descriptions that is exclusionary or biased. Allow for reasonable adjustments at interview time for different types of people. For example, you could add a large print for candidates with vision issues or offer interviews through Skype if the applicant cannot travel. 

Enjoy a More Diverse Workforce

By more closely examining your hiring process and making some
simple adjustments, you can ensure everyone has a fair chance of consideration for open positions. As a result, you may find that
your company benefits greatly from hosting a more diverse workforce.

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Julie Morris

Life and Career Coach