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Elyse Schmidt
  December 12, 2017

How to Use Twitter Lists in Recruiting (in 500 Words)

Social media is taking over the world. Okay, maybe not the entire world, but it is becoming a major channel used to research companies and cultures and even apply to jobs. But, posting job reqs isn’t enough to stand out today. You have to be creative in how you create, share and curate content. In a sea of followers and endless posts and links, it’s a noisy mess out there. How can you stay on topic and be useful to your target audiences?

Enter Twitter lists, one of the most underutilized features on Twitter. They’re a godsend for when you’ve amassed way too many followers and can’t keep track of who’s quality and who’s … not quality. They’re also amazing for staying organized as you’re building your presence. Here are the Twitter lists every recruiter should have:

Industry Reading List

Sending content other than jobs to candidates is a must, but finding content to send can be time consuming. Instead of scouring industry publications to find the perfect article, compile a list of people who create great, relevant content: third parties like Glassdoor and The Muse, news outlets like Fast Company or Fortune, as well as other bloggers and outlets that share tips or workforce trends. Just make sure it’s the best of the best, or else it your list will end up getting muddied.

Employee List

Your employees are the biggest advocates of your employer brand – they live your company culture. They know the ins-and-outs of company lunches, annual parties and leadership. They know if your flexible vacation policy is legit. Compiling an employee list allows their stories to live in one place. The ability for candidates to view the personal profiles of everyone at your company provides a goldmine of insight, enabling a candidate to familiarize himself with potential teammates and get a sense of whether he sees himself fitting in.

Talent Acquisition/Recruiting Team List

The benefits of this list are two-fold. Imagine a list of your company’s recruiters all in one place. A list of people waiting for candidates to reach out. Not only would this humanize your company by putting names and faces to recruiters, it would spark conversation. Questions about a job opening? Tweet a recruiter. Need interview tips? Tweet a recruiter. The key to success here is ensuring recruiters respond. Boom: you’ve turned Twitter into a useful employer brand tool.

Candidate List(s)

File this one under reverse psychology. Whenever you add someone to a Twitter list, she gets a notification (unless the list is private). So, picture this: You’re recruiting a new class of nurses, and you create a list titled “2017 Nursing Grads.” After a day of sourcing, you take to Twitter and add potential candidates to that list. On the candidate’s end, she receives a notification saying, “Mercy Hospital Careers added you to the list ‘2017 Nursing Grads’.” If she wasn’t considering applying for your jobs before, she is now!


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Written by Rob Ward