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Chris Dyer
  January 1, 1970

Introducing SwiftID, Real Time Mobile Identity Verification

Background checks and onboarding paperwork have always been a bottleneck during the hiring process. This problem has only been exacerbated by the recent rise in telecommuting and entirely remote offices. While at first due to COVID-19, this shift in remote work may become permanent as more and more companies are seeing the benefits of working remotely. We may be seeing remote work environments becoming the norm.

While there are myriad upsides to the remote working environment, it creates something of a compliance nightmare when gathering paperwork for background checks and onboarding. It also increases the risk of fraud and identity theft, which means hiring managers could miss potentially dangerous red flags when onboarding new employees.

PeopleG2 has always tried to be on the forefront of innovation, updating our services as necessary to meet the needs of a changing world. With the remote workplace in mind, we are introducing SwiftID Remote Employee Verification. Real time mobile identity verification fixes many of the issues related to remote hiring, streamlining the process for your convenience and keeping your company safe.

What Is SwiftID Remote Employee Verification?

SwiftID Check is a fully compliant identity verification software designed to keep your company running and keep your employees safe.

SwiftID Check’s feature include:

  • Barcode scan and machine readable technology that instantly verifies photo IDs such as driver’s licences and passports
  • SwiftID Selfie Match, which uses the latest AI technology to match a real ID against a live selfie photo of the applicant.

Why Use SwiftID Remote Employee Verification?

As the world makes its transition into remote work – perhaps permanently – this poses new and unique challenges to the hiring process.

SwiftID is specifically designed to address these challenges, ensuring that your company has a safe, effective, and efficient hiring process even while working remotely.

Reduces The Risk Of Fraudulent Applications

In a remote world, how do you ensure an employee is who they claim to be? There are already rising concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic potentially making identity theft easier as more and more people are existing primarily on digital channels. In fact, between March and April of 2020, more than 100 million suspected fraudulent transactions were identified by TransUnion, marking a 5% increase from January to March.

It is only natural that hiring managers are now worried applicants will take advantage of a socially distanced world to apply for jobs under false pretenses, impersonating other people in order to allow red flags on their records to slip under the radar. SwiftID helps put these concerns to rest.

We have partnered with the latest real-time AI powered technology to compare selfie images to ID documentation. This can give you peace of mind that the person you interviewed via Zoom calls is actually who they are claiming to be – ensuring you’ll hire safe, reliable employees.

Increased Accuracy Protects Your Company

Conducting background checks and identity verification remotely entails unique challenges. Every state has its own regulations and requirements regarding how employers may obtain background check information. You can no longer have someone sign a waiver in-person, causing issues in terms of compliance and accuracy when dealing with documents remotely.

SwiftID is built to be completely compliant with state and federal regulations regarding background checks, employee identification, and I-9 requirements. It allows you to confirm an employee’s ID before having documents verified for Form I-9. It also ensures utmost accuracy in the background check process.

Giving employee’s access to sensitive company information remotely – especially if they’re using their own computer – is a huge security concern. It’s more important than ever to make sure your background checks are 100% accurate.

Swift ID is built to address these challenges by verifying identity and employment eligibility quickly and easily. It keeps the user experience simple. Less confusing paperwork and forms drastically cuts down on the risk of fraud and user error. Simply putting in the wrong birth date could lead you to miss red flags. With SwiftID, applicant information is auto-populated into the background check.

Locking down the applicant’s legal name, date of birth, and other details on the background check profile keeps your company safe. Any red flags will be immediately reported to you, ensuring you only hire trustworthy individuals for your company.

The Bottom Line

The world is undergoing a sea change right now. The effects of COVID-19 lockdowns are unlikely to end even when the pandemic passes. As many companies recognize remote work decreases costs, increases productivity, and allows them to hire talent anywhere in the world, we may be seeing more and more offices going fully remote. The best course of action is to choose to be proactive about these changes.

SwiftID is designed to be the future of background check technology. As the world moves to remote hiring, PeopleG2 is making sure companies are able to smoothly transition and ensure efficient hiring practices. Book a demo here to learn more.

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