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Stuart Trautenberg
  August 25, 2015

Should I Respond to Recruiters’ Emails?

I know, there are way too many recruiters and most of them SPAM you.  Right?  Does this sound familiar…
“Hey (insert name), I noticed your profile and I have a great start-up that is looking for a great Java engineer just like you! If interested, AWESOME, email me back!”
Your Recruiting Buddy,
Rico Suave
TrustMe Recruiters LLC.
Sound familiar? Funny thing is – you are not even a Java Engineer.  You might be thinking, ‘Dude, read my profile at least before you SPAM me a job opening!’  You run to your Linked In profile and write, “If you are a Recruiter, just leave me alone!” An hour later, you get another email from a recruiter.  My software engineer friends tell me this same story over and over again.
What if the email from ‘Rico Suave’ recruiter really knew something about you & what you might be interested in, you might ask yourself, should I or shouldn’t I answer the email that could change my life? The answer is YES if the email contains the following information:
+knows something about you
+mentions the represented company and brief job description
+displays some tech IQ
+provides the link to the company and detailed job description
What if this job was referred to you by a friend? Even better!
Be open minded and make the comparison to where you are today. You are happy…you can be happier.  You are working on the coolest tech app…there is ‘better make the world a better place’ tech out there.  I have a great compensation package…well, there is always bigger and better.  JUST BE OPEN MINDED.
The best time to make a career move is when you are happy, challenged, having fun and earning good Benjamins.  Don’t wait until you need to look for a job or start getting that unsettled feeling. You are in the driver’s seat and the companies will want you even more because you are a Developer god and on top of your game.
Hey, after you chat…you can always still say No Thanks, but be smart and compare.
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Source: Stuart Trautenberg