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Adam Gordon
  July 19, 2019

Smart and Simple Talent Pipeline Automation Tactics

These are some simple automation rules employers and agencies are applying to their talent pipeline automation on Candidate.ID. These techniques are generating average 50% engagement rates and moving people faster from awareness to consideration. They are also serving hot daily leads to recruiters so they become 25% (on average after 6 months) more effective.

1) Allow identified candidates to access all your content. For anonymous visitors, ask them to fill in a form to access the content and similar items which will help them with their careers. This is how you build up your talent pipeline organically

2) Schedule to send your talent pipeline an email. Automate the distribution of the same email with a different subject heading 2 days later, to those who didn’t open the first

3) Schedule to send the same content by text message to those who didn’t open the content via email

4) For those who review your skills or industry-focused content but nothing else, stream them to receive more of the same 10 days later

5) For those who review your careers site but don’t yet look at jobs, stream them to receive #employerbranding type content 7 days later

6) For those who review job descriptions but don’t apply for the job, send an alert to the recruiter 1 day later to prompt them to contact the candidate

7) On all sites you don’t control such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn or YouTube, for example, place permanent trackable links to landing pages for lead capture

8) Send recruiters an alert when a candidate does a combination of activities (reviews hiring manager LinkedIn profile plus a job description for example)

9) Send recruiters an alert when a candidate’s points go up by X over a short period

10) Send recruiters an alert when a candidate volunteers new information such as they are now looking for a new job

11) Send recruiters an alert when a candidate visits your content for the first time in X weeks/months

12) Send recruiters a weekly reminder to contact candidates they haven’t had contact within X weeks/months

13) Send recruiters an alert when a candidate changes jobs or employers

Written by Adam Gordon, CEO & Co-Founder at Candidate.ID.